"I must say I think I met another Seerer yesterday and saw another in a porsche" Blade says pouting trying to think.

Ask Her Who? Ask Her Who?

Alright, Alright, calm down. "Who were they?" I ask.

"You shouldn't contact either of them yet I don't think. One can see but not sure of the other.... neither have been officially approached like you. Well, more I forced the Answers on you" Blade says smiling nervously and I notice her new pink and Black pixie outfit..... No shoes.

"I call her Amelie" I say shrugging.

"Yes, that is the last holder of the book that died for its perpose she must have taken in some of her life force" Blade says sadly shaking her head.

She was a very sweet girl. Always talking to me even though she couldn't answer.... She still is here slightly. I didn't use to have emotions you know.

Great, I'd think I'd rather have the old you then I wouldn't have to listen to your chit chat in my head.

You are very ungrateful.

"Maybe while your here I could equipt you. Silver works on Angel's and Deamons but the other most common creature her is a spirit" Blade says running to another shelf and jumping up again.

You really have to teach me that.

Of course.

"Another being Common Other Deamons..... quite beautiful but frightening creatures"

No likely she'd find them beautiful.

Shush. You are rude!

"So if I give you this" She pulls down gloves that seem to shine against the slightest light. "These are made of Starfire and SunFire..... They hurt Spirits and Other Deamons. Knock them out for a few hours if you get a good punch"

She hands them over and I slide them on. So soft.... like silk.

"If you clench you fist with anger" she says indicating I try it.

I picture Micheal no idea why but now he seems to really piss me off. Maybe it was the fact he was being nice so he could steel my soul.

I clench my fists. "No way. Wolferaine flashback" I say looking at the blades.

Blade laughs. "They are quite cool.... but be careful not to use them on humans they'll see them but won't touch them. They're only for Other Deamons and Spirits. And don't go around killing for the fun some are actually kind only use in defence"

I nod. Dagger hidden under my trousers to the right and soft silk gloves made of a powerful substance and they can make knuckle blades.... Amazing!

The End

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