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I faked that I was ill at the Answers instrustions. God, can't I call you something else?

Hmm, how about Amelie?

Yeah, that will do fine. Why can't you stay out of my head? Do you know how insane I feel speaking in my mind to a voice in my head?

I'm your protector and teacher.... So no I can't stay out I need to keep you from making rash desisions.

I finally reach the sorcery shop. "I cant believe I'm doing this" I mumble. Then I take a deep breath and step into the shop

"Oh, is be you Seerer" Blade says jumping down from a step block. "Oh and the book seems to have accepted you...... quite strongly"

Tell her its cause you're the first of the Seerer's born..... The Eldest would be more simple.

"It says cause I'm the eldest" I say shrugging. "Do you know how to get this thing out of my head?"

Blade laughs. "Sorry, it chose you as the voicing Seerer. To try and remove its voice would send all the information into your head and that would hurt"


Uh, Shut up!

"Fine" I mumble and Blade seems to find that funny and giggles.

"What are you here for?" she asks tilting her head.

"A Firestone encrusted silver blade..... preferably one that would fit beneath my belt and not hurt" I say. I think of it stabbing my leg and wince.

Yes, that would indeed hurt.

"I have just the one" Blade smiles and runs over to a shelf. She jumps up pushing on a lower shelf and begins to float mid air up high. I gawk shocked.

What? It is a mere air held spell easily acomplished. I could teach it to you.

Yes, please!

Blade takes down a sheathed blade. "This will clip to the inside of your trousers..... fighting Angels and Deamons?"

"Yes, actually... I think one's trying to take my soul" I mumble.

"You shouldn't worry now you have the Answers. Its fully capable of protecting you" Blade says smiling.

Are you am I taking this precaution for no reason?

Yes, I am capable. But you should always take precaution and you need to learn before you find the Pathway with your other Seerers.

The End

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