Did What I Think Just Happened Really Happen?Mature

As I opened my eyes I realised that I am on the floor and my throat is terribly dry and scratchy. I sit up as my memory comes rushing backto me. I quickly jump to my feet, looking around the floor.

There's no trace of a fire or snakes were ever there, just my speghitte on the floor with my broken plate. I'm confused. That was worms. The demon turned them into snakes. I'm shaking like mad as I turn to my drawing. It's the same as when I left it. All the same.

I reach into my pocket and pull out the piece of paper I read out minuets ago. It's no longer burning and it doesn't open by it's self! What the hell is going on? I open the paper with shaking hands.

'Only read aloud when you're in danger!!!

Go back beast go!

Leave now go go!

You shall burn !

And you shall die!

You will never say a lie!

Back to where you came!

For now I make you tame!'

I fall back on my bed. What does all this mean? Did what happen happen again? Did a demon really come and try to kill me tonight? Deep down I know that that didn't really happen. It was a dream. A message.

I put my paper back into my pocket and cleaned up the mess on my wooden floor. Lucky it's not carpet. As I'm down stairs, I check on mother. She's sleeping peacefully. I sigh, relieved.

I go back to my bedroom and get changed for bed. I lay under my covers, still terrified that a demon will try and kill me. I might not be sure of many things, but one thing I am sure of is that I'm going back to that shop. I'm going back there a demand to get told what's happening and I won't leave until I get answers! My heavey eye lids slowly close making me drift off into a sleep, full of nightmares.

The End

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