The Demon.Mature


I pull my front door open to find mother asleep on the arm chair and her carer nowhere to be seen. I'm so stupid! I knew I should of stayed home! I sigh as I quickly close the door and run to my mother sleeping body. I checked to make sure everthing was okay before I picked her up and layed her in her bed (it stay in the living room now). I pull the blankets over her and softly kiss her head.

Time to myself, that means drawing time! I run up to my room and close the door. I go over to my desk and turn on the little lamp. All the drawings I've ever done are here and they're all either demon like creatures, angel like creatures or spirits. I grab my sketch book for my bag and my pencil from my ear and begin drawing.

I've been drawing for about an hour or two and all I've got to do is the little details like shading. I put my pencil back behind my ear, satisfied that the drawing looks like the dude I saw today.

I creep down stairs, trying not to wake up mother, and go into the kitchen. I get out left overs from the fridge and take it to my room. I start eating it. Eww. This is discusting! What is it?

I look down at my plate and screamed! My grip loosened, making me drop it. It smashes to the floor, leaving it's contence in a bloody lump on the floor. I take a closer look. Ohmygod, I think I'm going to puke! On the floor is live worms! Worms! Suddenly they change into snakes hissing at my feet, backing me up against my desk. I look down and I can see my drawing moving! That isn't so unusal, they normally move but this one was coming out the page!

In a matter of seconds my drawing came to life in front of me, laughing the most evilist laugh I have ever heared! He's laughing at me controling the snakes, making them try and bite me. "Comeon little Seerer. Comewith me and you'll see Daddy again. Come with me and your mother will be healed." His voice is like finger nails being scraped against a blackboared, making me want to put my hands over my ears.

He laughed, flicking his tail this way and that, his sharp teeth reflecting my lamp light. "Never! I'll never come with you demon!" I yell at him making him livid. He hissed. "Very well Seerer. I'll just take your mother then!" He hissed at me again, laughing. "Don't touch her!" I scream. This is the first time I've been scared, proper scared. The demon turns to me, trying to bite me just like the snakes at my feet.

My trouser pocket burning. I scream out, reaching to my pocket. Why won't this burning go away? I reach into my pocket as the demon tries to bite me again. I pull out the poem the girl at the shop gave me. This is what was burning me. It flew open in my hand. The demon started to make a ring of fire around us. Oh god, I'm going to die!

For some reason, I don't know why, I started to scream out the poem. The demon started to retreat in pain, screaming as he went back into the drawing. As soon as he did the snakes disappeared and everything went black.

The End

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