The book of AnswersMature


I run straight to my room just missing Mr Marks who makes a grab for me. I lock the door behind me.

Joe and Sally are curled up on there beds. I sit down on mine which is closest to the window. Then I slip my bag off. I place the book in front of me.

Then the words begin to write.

Welcome Seerer, This is the book of Answers.

You may ask your question now.

I sit silently. What the hell is this book?

Then I remember what I wanted to know.  "Tell me about Angels and Deamons" I whisper quietly.

The pages fly by and I squeal jumping slightly. Then it stops at about the middle and words fill the page along with a picture of an angel and deamon. They look very close to Micheal and Katie.

I begin to read the writing.

Angels and Deamons

By Angels and Deamons we mean creatures that have lived from the birth of the planet earth.

They were born in secret and immediatly found The Pathway. But they prefure to remain on earth among the humans.

There reason is known as it has been for many centuries. They wish to capture souls.

The life fource of a being. Most of the time they stick to humans but sometimes they get greedy then they go after each other, this is exceptable. (So thats what Katie meant when she said 'he's mine')

And sometimes when they become real greedy they go after other magical beings which cause their death most of the time, even if they don't succeed.

If they give up, before they either steal the soul and be sentenced to death or get killed by the owner of that soul, they may live.

They have little magic. Deamons have horns and spiked string tails, there magic being soul steal, Mind control and shadow transport. Angels have large feathery white wings, there magic is gravity release, mind control and soul steal. (So thats how they pull in there pray, mind control)

.... Do you wish to know about charms to stop mind control?

I stare at the last line shocked. It was like it was gonna write more but it responded to my reaction to the last part.

"Yes, and tell me how to stop them" I whisper. Sally stires in the bed next to me.

You can solve both problems with one. A firestone encrusted silver dagger.... possible hidden in a sheath under the clothes to avoid suspision.

Direct silver to the heart is the only way to either wound or kill one. Depends on the age of the Deamon or Angel.

Firestone counters against there soul steel slightly slowing it down and counter the mind control by giving the one whose souls being taken control of there body.

"Thank you" I whisper. I don't know why but some how this book is alive and is really trying to help me.

You are welcome Seerer. Now you must rest and if possible stay at home tommorow then sneek out and visit the shop for the item. Protection of you should come first until you learn spells.

"Spells?" I say confused but the book slams itself shut causing me to jump and Sally and Joe to stire.

I sigh. Then try to think off where to put it. Doesn't seem I have to.

The book bursts it to silver dust that floats up to round my next. With a quick flash a tiny old book charm hangs on a silver chain.

Now if you need my help ask in your mind and I may tell you telepathically Seerer.

God, creepy book in my head.

I can hear your thoughts at all time Seerer and please address me as Answer.

Okay, Answer. I jump up and slip beneath the covers. Goodnight.

The End

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