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I walk into in front of the Sorcery Shop and one of the staff closing up. "Hey, is Mac around?" I say smiling at the goth girl. "Hey. Sorry, he's ill. And we're closed." I sigh, that's the second time this has happened. I shake my head, holding tightly onto my back and start walking out the door.

"Oi!" I turn around to see the girl smiling. "He's not here, but he put me in charge. Let's see what you've got! I'm Blade." I smile as I get out my pad from my school bag. "My name's Bliss." I stand by the wall and flick to my design ideas for the shop. Mac wanted me to design a new look for him. Where is it? There it is! I carefully turn it so it's facing the girl, I don't want to rip it. As soon as she sees it her eyes go wide. I bite my lip, unsure if that's a good sign or not.

"Wow! These are amazing!" Blade breaths. My smile lights up my face. She likes it! She eyed me strangely. "Where have you seen these creatures before?" I look down at the demon-like creatures and shrug. "I dunno. I've seen things like them for ages." "But where?" Okay. Strange. "I er saw them at the er cementary once. And, I dunno, I see them around most places." I shrug again, pretending it's nothing.

When I was little, I used to tell Father about them. He said I have a gift but I mustn't tell anyone. He said people might come and take me away. "They're just my imagination. It runs wild." I laugh trying to make Blade stop looking at me so confused. She sighs, closing my sketch pad. "So erm, your not going to use my ideas then?" I say, dissapointed. I thought they would go well in a place like this.

 "Who said anything about that?" Blade says. "Have you got another copy?" I smile at Blade and get the copy out of my bag "I'll show these to Mac when he's back in. You'll see them on the walls very soon." I smile at her greatfully. I like Blade, she seems honest. I put the sketch pad back into my bag.

"I wonder." Blade says to herself more then to me. "There's a something I've got that's perfect for you! It's at the bottom of my bag." She looks a little dissapointed in herself. I shrug my small shoulders. "I've got to go." I say and turn go. I can hear Blade fidderling around with in her bag. I walk away and a  lovely, cool, air swirls around me. I start to giggle as it tiggles suddenly Blade is next to me.

She hands me an piece of paper. "Here. Take this." She says, then she walks off. I frown down at it, wondering what it could say. There's some sort of poem on it. I sigh. I don't really like poetry, anyway I've gotta go. Mother is expecting me back home. I put the paper in my pocket.

"What the h..?" I bump into someone. I quickly steady myself. "Sorry." I say to a guy. "No problem. What's that in your pocket?" The guy trys to look in at it but I've pushed it too far into my pocket,  my sky blue eyes turning into slits. "None of your buisness!" I'm annoyed that he's so rude, trying to look in my pocket! Who does he think he is? "I'm Richey." Okay, that's creepy. I look at him properly and gasp. He looks a bit like one of the creatures in my drawings! He's even got a black tail and tatty wings. I step back, I'm alittle wary, I've never talked to one before.

I swallow, this is so cool. "Nice to meet you Richey. Gotta run." I turn and run all the way home. It's not because I'm scared, it's because I want to draw him now! I'm going to add him to my collection of all the different creatures I've seen over the years. And I'm kind of angry, creatures like him go around being mean to humans that can't see them. That's just not fair!

The End

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