I sit on my bed. The door is locked and I have my knees pulled up to my chest my face buried in them.

My laptops in front of me. I've reaserched deamons and Angels. Nothing..... well actually loads of stuff just nothing that seems..... right.

I hear the clink of dishes down stairs. Must mean Mrs Marks has got dinner ready. But I don't feel like eating.

I pack up my laptop, some money, my keys and my phone. Then hitching my bag onto my back, I make my way out of the room.

I rush down the hallway and the stairs slowing once I'm down them.

"I'm going out" I call. Not waiting for a reply I head out the house then begin down the road.

I turn the corner and thwack. My shoulder collides with someone elses and we stumble apart.

The person almost stumbling into the road but I pulled her back. "I'm sorry" I say.

I see the faint glow to her skin which just is creepy especially with the blond angel curls.

I turn on my heels and leg it down the road. I go to the cafe and sit down pulling out my laptop.

I get out my usb internet connection and I stick it in to the laptop. I don't know why but then I type in "Magic".

The results are large but as I scan through they still don't seem right.

"Honey, if your reaserching about magic. I recomend going across the street to that shop there"

I look up at the waitress who has come to the table then look out the window seeing the shop she indicated. An old styled house in between new buildings.

"Thanks..... I'll take a dr pepper to go" I say smiling.

I pack up my laptop, pay for my drink and then rush across the street to the shop. I push on the door it creaking open and a little bell tinggling.

"Hello?" I call. I walk in looking around. The walls are lined with book cases and some contain books while other jars with strange contents.

"Hello" I jump with shock turning to face a young girl.

She has the whole goth gear. A bell skirt.... wait no its a dress. Net tights and gloves. Dr Martin boots.... Nice. Sorry, but her style rocks.

"Um, hi. I'm looking for a book about magic" I say.

The girl giggles. "Of course this is a Sorcery shop" she says skipping off. "My name's Blade"

"Eve" I say.

"Nice to meet you" she says. "What sort of stuff are you looking for?"

She steps behind a couter at the back leaning forward just tall enough to reach the counter.

"Um, something of hidden creatures.... like Humans with slight differences" I say waving my hand about coming forward. I'm trying to make it not sound like a big deal but I shaking.

The girl looks at me carefully then pulls out a book from beneath the counter. She finds in difficult but finally she drops it down on the counter. It gives off a large bang.

"Read this" she says. I raise an eyebrow but do what I'm told. I walk up and reach out.

I turn the book round to face me. Its like one of those old hard cover books and about A4 size.

The leather on the book is blue and something tiggles against my skin as I touch it making me shiver.

Blade watches me closely. So I take the cover and open to the first page.......

The End

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