" A Nigel please be kind enough to tell me what CO2 going into C  and Owhat is happening and tell me the names of the element or compound?" I wasn't paying attention and She knew that all to well.  Luckily I read this somewhere in the science text book.

" CO2 is carbon dioxide which is decomposing which is to break up. Carbon  and Oxygen." I say

" Please balance the equation." The teacher obviously trying to get me. and she did.

" I'm not sure how to , Ma'am"  I admit. She smiled with her own little victory. I wish I could actually have a teacher who was more interested in teaching than showing off there so called intelligence. They have Bachealors degree in science at most. Thats not hard to get.  Plus all they have an answer key and all they needed to do was copy out of the textbook.

The bell rang, socials  I promised to do a socials project with Emily. I hope it won't be as awkward the car ride.   I walk into socials and a smile grows on Emily's face. Why is she happy to see a sap like me who has nothing , and perfers to be alone?  She taps the desk directly beside her indicating that I'm sitting there.  I didn't feel like hurting her feelings by sitting in my corner in the back. I sit beside her. 

" Hey you have any clue what this project is about?" I ask.

" we'll find out soon." Emilys says staring at me. 

What is this all about?

The End

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