Awkward Car RideMature


"Why do you insist , on talking to me Emily?" I ask

" Well you seem to hang around the background ,you seem to avoid people, and people think your cool abd they never talked to you so i'm curiouse if you live up to your reputation." Emily responds.

" Really? I doubt people think i' I don't want to be known as cool. That crowd reminds me of my current gaurdian."  I mutter.

" What is he or she like?" she asks.

I turn to show her my right cheek which was now covered purple.

" He. Does a hallicnagetic drug which has side effects of paranoi , and generally resorts to violent measures." I explain.

" Why don't you phone child services?" She says out of concern , and not keeping her eyes on the road.

" Please keep your eyes on the road. I have and it only increases his paranoia that the world is out to get him , the process takes to long to get me out of there , and I don't think I want to wait a through a week of violent punching or living out side." I explain.

Emily starts to pay more attention on the road , and mulls over what I said, " Don't you have any friends who would look after you?"

" No, I thought you we already know that I keep to myself."

" Everyone has friends even people like you." she says so niavely.  I decide to change the topic.

" I noticed that you seem to enjoy socials Mr Mcjannet is going to give us a project soon do you want to do it together." I said.

I generally worked alone but I needed this topic to end now, and that seemed like the best way to move off it.

" Yeah, I would love too." Emily says happily as we park in the student lot,"Well see you in socials its second block this week right?"

" Yep, see you then."

The End

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