Seeing thingsMature


Afte seeing that white thing coming from Micheal I found myself seeing other things.

Like in the museum I swear I was going crazy. I saw the occasional person with something not right about them.

I mean I saw a women with two heads and extremely long neck. Not cool, Not right.

I almost ran out of that museum when we were told we were leaving.

I gasp for breath leaning against. "Are you okay?"

I look up to see Micheal and become nervous but not for the reason I use to. Now, its cause I'm scared and its cause I can tell the shape of that white light on his back.

Two large..... bird wings. I feel the words trying to burst from my mouth but I hold them back with difficultly.

Then I realise I'm also holding something else back. I turn and pitch over letting the vomit come out of my system.

Micheal jumps to my side putting an arm round me, keeping me standing, the other holding back my ponytail.

"You're sick" he says. I look up to see his face full with worry but it doesn't make me happy..... I more scared.

First I begin seeing things. Work out this guy I like is an Angel..... Wow, wait who said he was an Angel maybe.... maybe its different.

"I'm fine" I say stepping away from him. "I need water"

I turn and run off.

How can my life get any worse? I already live with a complete drunk that tries to hurt me in ways that luckily he never succeeds in thanks to Joe.

I run to the cafe and pay for some water.

"Hey" I jump turning to see a girl glaring at me.

Then I realise who it is. Katie, top girl of the school, if there is such a thing. Oh and guess what.... you're not going to believe this.

She has horn! I mean real devil horns allow with the string sort of tail with arrow head at the end.

"Hello" I whisper.

"I'm just here to warn you, bitch. Micheal mine" she bares her teeth which are really sharp.

Okay, now I swear I'm going crazy.  I nod silently then she moves off shoving me in the process her cronnies following her which luckily are human.

I give off a big sigh then race back to the coach. This time I luckily snag a chair next to a girl who reads her book all the way back. (How the hell does she do that?)

But I can't help but notice the sad glances I get from Micheal over the head of Katie.

I find myself fidgetting so much its obvious I'm nervous and scared as I look out the window.

The End

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