My life isn't that badMature


" Stupid face !Get out of here!" A still high hallicunating foster dad yells at me. I duck under a empty beer bottle, just before I get to the stair though a beefy hand grabs  my right shoulder , and violently pulls me around.

" I'm leaving Carl. Let me go." I hide my anger well , and keep my tone calm.

" I hate your eyes." he says in barely holding his balance. I have no Idea what this guy takes but it a hallucinogen, and usually makes the user paranoid. Why would one take something makes you paranoid is beyond me.

He balls up his right handed fist , and slams into my right cheek. I hit the wall, and fall down the stairs. I'm not sure how one can find it apropiate to hit a sixteen year old kid because of eyes, but I just wanted to get the hell out. I'm not even sure whats to hate about perfectly normal light brown eyes that border on a dark orange. I get up at a calm , and steady pace I turn a right grab my bag which hangs on a hook, then open the door.  I wait a second  to hear a satisfying banging of my foster dad falling down the stairs.

Then I close the wooden door with a large purple bruise begining to grow on my right cheek , and jaw. Compared to other people my life isn't that bad.  As I walk towards a school a porsche pulls up beside me. The window smoothly opens up.

" Hey Emily , I say trying to  keep my head down."

" Eh Nigel you need a ride?" She continues to ask me. I look into her green eyes. She doese this everyday and usually I ignore her but today is different.

" Fine." I say and jump into the car.

The End

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