Trip to the museumMature


I got to the school and had to leave Joe and Sally straight away to run to the car park where the coach was parked.

I got on and looked for a seat. Only one and it was next to Michael the guy every girl wants to sit next to.

But when I tried to look for another seat he gestured for me to come towards him. I looked at him shocked. I pointed at myself and mouthed 'me' to him.

He nodded smiling. "Come sit down here Eve" he says. The girls sigh to his voice and then turn to glare at me.

I swallow nervously then slowly make my way down the aisle to the vacant seat next to him. "Are you sure?" I ask.

"Of course theres no other seat" he says smiling. I look around seeing all the girls glaring and a few hoping for me to turn it down.

I look back at Micheal. His hair is a golden brown, so a very fair brown. His eyes are a warm oak and they make me feel sort of warm inside as well.

He has this effect on all girls. I nod and sit down in the seat putting my bag down between my feet.

"Okay!" The teacher shouts bounding up onto the bus. "Let's check everyone's here"

She goes through the register and I fidget trying to keep my eyes trained on the floor even though they keep straying over to look at Micheal.

The coach rumbles then I'm jerk slightly in my seat before we begin down the road to our destination.

"You hang out with that guy, Joe right? The one whose got some girls off me" Micheal says smirking.

Oh, no please don't say he's talking to me just cause of Joe.

"Uh, yeah" I mumble keeping my eyes and head down.

"Hm, you're gonna be a challange then. I bet he's already got your heart" he says. I look up and see the determination in his eyes that make me gasp.

"Me and Joe are just friends" I whisper looking away. I should have done that before cause I think he saw the shock in my eyes.

"Ah, so you are free?" He says. "Great, I thought I'd fallen for a taken girl there"

My heart leaps.

"F-F-Fallen?" I whisper.

"Fallen?" All the girls on the bus screech.

Micheal flinches at the volume then turns back to me. "Yeah" he says flashing a smile. "So, since you're not take do fancy going to the pictures saturday?"

I hear a girl behind me faint. Seriously, I know he's looking but all this trauma over some guy?

Give me a break here. And I seem almost affected as them. Something about this isn't right.

From the corner of my eye I get a look of him and a flash of white from his back. But when I turn my head to look at him its gone.

"You okay?" he asks.

"Um, I'm fine" I mumble.

"So do you want to go?" He asks smiling.

"Oh, sure yeah" I say the words tumbling out.

But somethings not right. I feel.... since I saw that white, I'm realising somethings are hidden..... somethings I can't see.

The End

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