Crystal ClearMature

Three different lives, Three different people. One path to take.
Three people leading different lives constantly seem to be connecting somehow. Knowing the same person, an accidental bump in, etc.
But what happens when it turns out that all they can depend on are each other as they are tossed into a world of unknown.


I jump up. I'm late. Alarm blaring, I push the button to turn it off.

I need to get out of the house. I tie up my midnight black hair, that usually reaches my hips, into a ponytail.

My dark blue eyes, that some people remark look light a nights sky, scan through my closet for clothes as my hands move some aside. I chose a pair of jeans and a dark blue long sleeve top. Then I grab my black Dr Martins yanking them on the tying up the laces.

I jump up to my feet and grab my bag which I packed last night. I run out of my room down the hallway, then the stairs.

I take a left at the bottom and run into the kitchen where Joe already sits.

"Late up again" he remarks.

"Shut up" I hiss heading for the fridge. I dump my bag on a stool pulled up to the island in the centre.

Sally skips in then Mrs Marks behind her.

"Right kids everyone hurry up you have five minutes" Mrs Marks says then walk out of the room her high heel shoes clacking.

"The old hag" Joe remarks.

"Be nice to her she took us in" Sally says jumping up into a seat her blond curls bouncing around her and her blue eyes glowing. She's only 12 years old, four years younger than me and Joe.

"Why are you always up late?" Sally asks me as I pour myself a glass of apple juice then grab a banana.

I shrug. "Cause she's lazy" Joe says. I grab an apple and throw it at him. But he catches it just like I knew he would. It's scary how fast his reflexes are.

He holds up a finger and shakes it before biting into the apple. I roll my eyes then go to sit on the stool where I dumped my bag.

"I'm on a trip today" I say peeling my banana then taking a bite.

"Yeah, you luckily idiots get to go to a museum big wow" Joe remarks sitting back. He's trying to act not bothered when I know he's jealous.

"Stop acting jealous, Joe" Sally teases giggling. I smile. These two keep my word up.

Just then I hear something upstairs creak. We all look up at the ceiling in fear. "Mr Marks is up" I whisper.

"We need to go" Sally whispers her voice hinting she's going to cry. We abandon our food on the island then jump up.

We head out of the room and into the hallway. Luckily no one has forgotten there bags. Even if they had I'm not sure if any of us would go back.

We reach the door..... but not in time.

"Ah, kiddies" Mr Marks voice is gruff and comes out all fumbly like his tongue is getting in the way.

I pull open the door and get Sally out before Mr Marks gets down. He take me by the hair and I hold back a scream.

Joe kicks out getting him in the ribs. Mr Marks realease my hair and I scramble out of the house. Joe rushes after me and slams the door in Mr Marks face.

He pounds on the door but Joe locks it with his key and we both turn to see Sally and Mrs Marks in the car both scared out of there minds.

We rush to the car and jump in the back while Sally sits in the front Mrs Marks driving.

We all drive to the school in silence and I look out the window just in time to see a girl a bit older than me jump into a porsche.

"Lucky girl" I mutter.

The End

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