Lee: It wasn't like this when we were kidsMature

So, Matt brought Kirk back in.

"What is going on?" Kirk demanded.

I didn't answer.

Kirk glared at me. "What were you thinking, Lee? It wasn't like this when we were kids. This guy is MI5, for Christ's sake!"

"Yeah, and my bro was alive. How did he really die, anyway? There were no bombs for you to play with when we were kids either, you know." I glared at him.

Matt groaned and turned to Kirk. "So, London Bridge. What type of message were your people trying to send? What was the idea? Is it just telling us that you're powerful, or is it some sort of conspiracy?"

Kirk shrugged. He wasn't going to let on without a fight. When was he smart enough not to tell me anything? I never tattled as a kid, but he never joined gangs til a few years ago.

He said it would all be good. But he said my bro died a natural death, too. I don't believe him anymore.

"We need to know what's going on here, Kirk. People were killed. My partner almost died trying to recover your poor friend Lee here from a fire.  What is going on?"

"I'm not talking, skinny. I'm no rat."

Matt groaned again. "I didn't want to have to do this. . . .I'm sorry- Jane!"

A woman in bedraggled clothes, with burn bandages on her arm and shoulder and a gun in her good hand, stood in our doorway.

"Uh, didn't you lock the door?" I asked Matt. I looked at Kirk. He seemed about ready to make a run for it.

Matt jumped up and ran across the room. He pulled the woman inside and closed the door, then the two of them began whispering.

I could only hear bits and pieces, but my guess was that he was scolding her.

After a few minutes, the woman sort of sauntered across the room. She was limping as well, but trying to cover it up.

She pulled her gun up, and pointed it at me.

I heard Kirk gasp. Matt yelling for her to stop.

"What were you saying when your people bombed London Bridge?" she asked Kirk.

The End

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