Matt: Give me the answers I needMature

I leaned down harder on his shoulder, his face crumpled up in pain.

'I need any information you know.  People are going to get hurt.'  I could see him considering his options but it only took a few seconds for him to realise he had none.

'Alright just please let go of me.'  I took my hand away but still stood close enough to the bed to appear threatening.  'I didn't know what was going to happen.  This guy told me I should be at the station at that time.  He said I would see something cool.'

'What guy?'  Was I going to get the lead I so desperately wanted?

'The one who was just in here.'  I turned to leave and chase after him but I was stopped by my witness continuing to speak.  'I wouldn't bother going after him, he isn't in charge.'

'Then who is?'

'I don't know.  But it's big, this gang, even Kyle won't be able to tell you who's at the top.'

'Well I can at least try, where is he?'

'Gone to get something to eat but-'

'Where?'  I'm not going to let him talk me out of this one.

'I don't know, the cafe downstairs?'  I walked briskly out the door and straight to the stairs taking them two at a time as I descended.  Luckily I had a very good memory and I recognised the guy who I had bumped into on my way into my informant's hospital room.

He was standing at the counter buying coffee.  I waited for him to walk away and then followed him very closely until I was walking just behind his shoulder.

'Do not react.  You are going to walk up the stairs and back into your friend's room.  Do you understand?'  He nodded slightly.  'Good, now walk.'  I stayed close to him all the way up the stairs so when he tried to make a break for it I grabbed his collar and pulled him back on track.

We got back to the room without being noticed by too many people and I locked the door behind me again so no-one would be leaving.  'Alright then spill.  What do you know about the bomb that went off at London Bridge a few hours ago?'

The End

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