Jane: Squeeze Him DryMature

There was smoke everywhere, I grabbed a tissue out of my coat pocket and covered my mouth, it wouldn‘t last long but it might give me some protection. I grabbed the guy by the shoulder. It wasn't much of a struggle, he was already weakened by the smoke in his lungs. We stumbled to the ground, he rolled a couple of times, guess he was already unconscious. Getting annoyed with myself I tried to lift him. He wasn't going to the pearly gates, he was coming with me. He weighed a bloody ton.

 I started to choke and fell to the ground, taking him with me. "Jane!" it was Matt, he was strong enough and an angel in disguise. I smiled to myself at the thought,

"I'm over here." I called weakly through the smoke, "You need to get this guy out and down to this office."

"Was he involved?"

"I don't think so but he defiantly knows something." I choked out. I saw his silhouette pick him up through the smoke and start to walk in the opposite direction towards the exit. I tried to prop myself up on my elbows. No use.
He walked a few paces then turned around,
"Jane are you coming?" I couldn't answer because I was using all my energy just to get up. "Jane?" I could hardly breath. "Am I going to have to carry you too?" he joked, he did that when he was worried, tried to calm himself with humour.

"I'm fine," I lied "Just give me a hand"  He shifted the guy over his shoulders into a fireman's lift and gently pulled me up by my arms twisting me round, carefully wrapping one of my arms found his shoulder.
We stumbled and spluttered towards the exit.

Fresh air. It's so under rated.
He sat me down on the ground near an ambulance.

I pointed up to the guy still on Matt's shoulders, " Go back to base and take him with you"

"No way, you both need to go to hospital and I'm coming with you." There were ambulances everywhere and three paramedics ran over to us, confirming that we were now going to hospital. I rolled my eyes.

Matt travelled with the guy who we caught.
I collapsed from exhaustion as the paramedics tried to help me into the ambulance.


I woke up in a daze, squinting my eyes at the bright lights over my head. I lifted up my arm, there was an IV attached. Someone was outside my room talking on the special landline phone.

"Yeah Annabel, there both stabilised, we'll be back as soon as we can." A pause. "I have no idea how long we'll be, Jane collapsed. Just tell Henry to keep calm and get some clue's. Plus get as much information about who was around the area when the bomb went off." Another pause, shorter this time. "Thanks Annabel." the door creaked open and Matt walked in.

"I take it I'm still in this hell whole" I choked. My throat was throbbing.

"Fraid so." He sat down on the end of the bed.

"Where's the guy we caught?" I saw him roll is eyes,

"Good old Jane, doesn't give a crap about herself, just the job." He smiled. "He's subleased but hasn't actually woken up yet. I asked the nurse to tell me when he did."

"Okey dokey. Thanks for getting me out by the way."

"My pleasure, That guy was heavy!" We laughed.

I changed the subject "So what did Annabel say?"

"That she had nothing new and that she and Paul were working hard on getting all the information they can get there hands on. There both really worried about you, you know. Including Harry." I smiled. I had nothing else to say, I guess I wasn't really that good with emotions.

The nurse came in interrupting my thoughts. She was quite petite and had short blonde hair. She looked pretty nervous too. Guess she was new to dealing with the secrecy acts and agents.

"He's woken up now sir." she left the room again. It annoyed me that she didn't give his name.

"Squeeze him dry" I joked as Matt got up.

"No problem partner." he waved as he walked out of the door and into the corridor. I was lucky to have friends like Matt, Annabel and Paul.

The End

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