Matt: SmokeMature

I ran down the street through the masses of people outside London Bridge station.  I flashed my badge at the police but didn't stop running towards the underground station.

'You shouldn't go down there it's dangerous, the structure could collapse at any second.'  I didn't listen, I was used to living dangerously it came with the job.

There was smoke everywhere and I couldn't see anything.  Remembering my training I crouched down on the floor and crawled yelling out for Jane.

'I'm over here.'  She wasn't that far away and I reached her quickly.  'You need to get this guy out and down to the office.'

'Was he involved?'

'I don't think so but he definately knows something.'  I took his unconcious body and lifted him into my arms.  I started to walk towrds the exit but realised Jane wasn't behind me.

'Jane are you coming?'  When she didn't reply I was worried.  'Jane?'  I went back and found her on the ground, she had inhaled too much smoke.  'Am I going to have to carry you too?'  I hadn't expecte an answer so I was surprised when she spoke.

'I'm fine just give me a hand.'  I shifted the position of the guy so he was in a fireman's lift over my shoulder and had a free hand to give to Jane.  I pulled her up and put her arm over my other shoulder.  She didn't sound good, spluttering as the smoke clogged up her lungs.

Luckily, I found the exit and we all staggered out unharmed.  'Go back to base and take him with you.'  Jane indicated the guy slung over my shoulder.

'No way, you both need to go to hospital and I'm coming with you.'  There were several ambulances waiting around the scene so we were soon surrounded by paramedics trying to help.  I travelled with the guy, there was no way I was going to let him out of my sight.

When we reached the hospital, Jane was put in a bed next to that of the man she had found so I could watch both of them.  Now all I could do was wait for the all clear so I could take them back to base. 

I called Annabel to let her know we might be longer than anticipated but we would make it back eventually.  I sat in the chair between the beds and waited.

The End

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