Jane: London Bloody BridgeMature

Jesus. London bloody Bridge. I was heading back to Thames Cross but, well, this came up.  I jumped out of the taxi throwing the money through the little hole in the glass between the passengers and the driver and started running towards the station. It was pretty difficult seeing as everyone was running in the opposite direction. I screamed at people to move, didn't have time for politeness.
 Who the hell would want to blow up the station anyway? There wasn't really anything here of importance, unless you count the London Knee Clinic as an important asset. However there was a hotel on the opposite road, maybe that was it. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and speed dialled Paul.

As soon as the tone stopped, "Paul I need you to check through the names of everyone in the hotel near London Bridge."

"Sure. Where the hell are you? There's been a bomb-"

I cut him short "Already on it Paul," I ran in through the station doors, seems it was the underground they targeted. I stopped to take in my surroundings, that's when I spotted him, "Paul get Matt down here, I need him to pick something up." I hung up, Paul knew what to do.

"Hey you! Don't move, M15." We didn't usually shout that out, but with screams and sirens echoing through the whole station sometimes it was necessary to get someone's attention.  He kept on running towards the fires. Idiot! Soon this bloody place would be full of smoke. Time to move. I ran as fast as I could towards him, thankfully he looked pretty injured. Stupid bastard.

The station was getting pretty empty accept for the ambulances, I just blocked out the images of people rolling by, blood covered.  You couldn't care at times like this. Occupational hazard.  

London Bridge was practically just a glass building, so if or when there was an after shock the whole place will  be coming down, we were lucky it hadn't already happened.  

He was heading for the opposite doors, it was unfortunate that there was a fire in the way, I started to choke and my eyes ran. I didn't really give a crap. This guy was up to something.

The End

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