Matt: NumbersMature

I sat in the boardroom staring at the numbers Paul had found.  What is the significance?  Three, twenty seven and nine hundred and thirteen.  Something was blaringly obvious and I couldn't see it.

Three was Friday 3rd, nine hundred and thirteen must be the time the attack was going to take place.  Which just left twenty seven.

What about the words, petrol and bridge.  Could it be they needed twenty seven litres of petrol.  What kind of bomb would need that much fuel?  Stupid question, a big bomb.  That left the bridge.

I went over to Paul's desk.

'Please tell me you've found something Paul.'

'Nothing.  The only train that fits that time is the thirteen minutes past nine that leaves from London Bridge.'  London Bridge.  Why was I being so stupid!

'Where does that train go?'

'It goes out of the city towards Hastings.'

'Why would someone want to bomb Hatstings?  And how would they get that much fuel on a train?'  Then it hit me.  'Of course!  Twenty seven, that's not the amount of fuel it's another time, twenty seven minutes out of the station?  Before the destination?'  My mind was about to explode.  'Keep working on that Paul, find out if there is anything special happening on that train this Friday.  I'll try and find some more info.'

I immediately went to Jane, she would know what I should do.  There were too many variables to wing it this time.

The End

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