Jane: Nothing FitsMature

I walked into the board room. I wasn't pissed off with any of them, they were a great team, I just wasn't having a great day. I'm not usually ill either.
Annabel and Matt came in after me and sat in there usual seats. It was just a waiting game for Paul now.

Paul came in quite annoyed with himself.


"Not really." He said sitting down.

"Is there anything we can use though?"

"There's a couple of numbers and words that managed to get through." he got up and walked to the wipe board in the corner.
He read out what he was writing.

"Three, petrol, twenty seven, bridge and nine hundred and thirteen." he sat again.

"Right." We were all defiantly confused.

"What happened at James' then?" asked Annabel. I sighed.

"Nothing really, some bloke just walked up to him in the street ,and paid him a couple of quid to fit the device. He had a bit of a surprise when I showed up on his doorstep though." I smiled at the memory.
"What do you reckon all them could mean though? Do you think the nine hundred and thirteen be like a train or flight number. Something like that?"

"Maybe." Matt agreed nodding his head. "But what is bridge and petrol all about? Nothing fits."

"Paul could you check all the transport codes for nine hundred and thirteen, please?" he nodded and walked out the room.
"And Annabel can you check all the news for any thing that might fit, including political issues please."

"Of course."

"Thanks." Maybe we might get somewhere. I turned to Matt. "What makes you think it could be Friday?"

"Well this Friday's the third, just an assumption." He smiled

"What day is it today?" I rarely kept track of the days and dates.


"So the maximum time we have to solve this is four and maybe a half days." I walked to the door and turned to look at Matt. "We've had worse." I smirked and walked round to my desk to help Annabel.

The End

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