Matt: Where is Jane?Mature

I stormed into the office, well I did my best considering I had to go through scanners and present ID to get in.

'Is Jane around?'  I couldn't see her at her desk.

'She went out.'  Paul was staring intently at his screen.  'But she called a few minutes ago said she was coming back in.'

'Where did she go?'  Maybe she had found a lead.

'We found the guy who bugged the flat, James Henderson.'  Paul didn't look very pleased.

'So what's the problem?'  This must be good news, we've found somewhere to start looking.

'I don't think he could tell Jane much, she sounded like a thunderstorm on the end of the phone.'  Great just what I needed, a grumpy boss.  I sat at my desk and examined the paper I had picked up.  I wasn't as pleased with my find as I had been to start with.  There were bits missing and some of the sentences didn't make any sort of sense.

'OK then Matt what did you find?'  Jane marched in and went straight to her desk.  I quickly followed behind her, paper in hand.

'I found this.'  I gave the paper to her.  'It's part of the information Jenna had found for us.  Most of it's missing but I found this one page.  It talks about an attack this group are planning on... I think it's Friday.  Quite a lot of the words are smudged but we might be able to decypher it.'

'Paul.'  He stood at attention behind me.  'Run this through the software, see if the computers can make any sense of it.'

'Sure.'  He flew back to his desk and began frantically typing.

'Nice work Matt.'

'Did you get anything from James Henderson?'  Her face darkened.

'Oh God, right I need to breif you all on this, get everyone in the boardroom asap.'

The End

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