Matt: Red TapeMature

It took me about half an hour to get to Jenna's flat and when I got there the police were everywhere.  I just prayed they hadn't ruined any evidence.

I marched up to the front door but was immediately stopped by a policeman on guard outside.

'Sorry mate, you can't come in, this is a crime scene.'

'Jeez I would have never known.'  I hated policemen who think they're above themselves just because they've been given an 'important' job to do.  'I'm MI5 can I go in there?'

'I'm sorry but I'm going to need some identification.'  I dug dep into my jacket pockets and pulled out my ID.

'Happy now?'

'Yeah sure go in.'  He pulled up the tape across the door and I walked in.  I didn't think anything had been moved because the flat was in such a state.  Furniture thrown everywhere, lamps knocked off tables and stuff all over the floor.  At least it looked like she'd put up a fight.

I searched the flat which was hard considering the mess.  On my first look, nothing.  Second time round, still nothing.  After my third search I gave up and called in.

'Hey Matt, any info?'  It was Annabell.  I had been hoping to speak to Jane but anyone was good.'

'Nothing.  I've been through the flat with a fine toothcomb and nothing to suggest who we're dealing with.'  Something on the floor caught my eye, a piece of paper that I hadn't noticed before.  'Hang on.'  I beant down to pick it up.  It had the title Information concerning MI5.  'Tell Jane she needs to see this.  I'm heading back to base.'

The End

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