Jane: James HendersonMature

"Have you found anything?" I looked across Matt's shoulder as he typed on the keyboard at his desk.

"Nothing, no active groups who use petrol bombs and no alerts to any potential threats from the usual suspects. I'm guessing whoever is setting this up is new."

"Well if they're new they'll make mistakes, leave behind evidence." I ran my hands trough my hair. I nervous habit I had. "Get down to the murder scene, see if anything has been left behind either on purpose or by accident."

"Sure thing boss." He grabbed his jacket and headed to the door.
I rubbed my forehead and sat down. Jesus I really did feel sick. I jumped up again and ran through the office to the door,

"Jane!" I faintly heard Paul call after me. I waved my hand back at him covering my mouth with the other one.  Luckily our office wasn't far from the toilets.
I stumbled through the door and to the nearest cubical. I hate throwing up. I wiped my mouth and managed to get myself to the sink. I cupped my hand to the water and splashed it on my face.

"Pull yourself together Jane." I muttered to myself in the mirror.
I dried my face with a paper towel and slowly walked to the canteen. I grabbed a water and something sugary. I was going to need it.

I threw the rapper in the bin as I wheeled my chair over to Paul's desk.

"No. But there have been a lot of complaints to BT about the phone line, two streets are out."

"Defiantly a desepter then. When about did the phone go out?" He did some more tapping on the keyboard.

"Three minuets past one."

"Could you hack into the CCTV around there?" he gave me that, do you think I'm really that stupid, look. I smiled. "Of course you can."  
We looked at the footage. There wasn't really anything to go on. Accept a teenager in a track suit and gloves climbing up the pole.

"You reckon it would just be a coincidence?" Paul asked. "You know just some kids being arseholes."

"There are never coincidences in this line of work." I sighed "Thanks for the help Paul, could you send it to Annabel's computer please?" He nodded.
Next I wheeled over to Annabel's station.  

"Hey, could you check this footage out and tell me who that is?" We watched it again.

"Yeah, I should be able to do that pretty quickly, not too keen on keeping his face hidden though is he?"

"Not really, no. Could you give me a bell when your done?"

"Sure thing Jane." I stood up and put my chair in its rightful place,

"Hey Jane?"

"You've done it already?"
"I'm good, but not that good." She smiled at me. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Im fine!" I said, probably a bit to keenly. I grabbed my coat and walked outside.  The only bad thing about being best friends with three M15 agents is that they notice way to much.

I walked by the Thames for about ten minutes  until I came to yet another bench.
Might as well sit down.

I sat and watched the boats go by. Five minuets later someone came and sat next to me.

"How you doing Jane?" I turned my body to see Henry. I rolled my eyes.

"What is this? How is Jane day?"

"Not quite." Henry was like the father of the team, we respected him and he respected us.

"Well haven't you got more important things to worry about? Like the countries national security?"

"Who said I was worried. Should I be Jane?" That was Henry, reverse psychology.

"No Henry. There is nothing to worry about." I concluded. My phone rang and I picked up on the second bleep. It was Annabel.

"You got him?"

"Indeed my friend. His name is James Henderson, seventeen years of age, lives by the Holloway Road at number seven Widdenham Road."

"Thanks Annabel, heading there now. If Matt comes back and I'm not there, tell him to stay put."

"Will do."I hung up. We didn't have time for politness.

"Well if you don't mind Henry, I have business to attend too."

"Be carefull Jane."

"Always am." I headed left to Waterloo Tube Station.

The End

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