Matt: I love my job!Mature

I wondered what was up with Jane, she wasn't usually so stressed out by a source being killed.

'So what can I do to help?'  I turned to Paul who was already tapping away at his computer.

'The truth is I don't know what I'm looking for, petrol bombs are fairly old school and we don't know who is making them and where they are going to attack.'

'I guess I'll do the usual checks on our known terror groups and see if any of them have used petrol bombs in the past.'

'Brill, you get on with that, I'll try and do something constructive.'  I picked my coat up from the floor, hung it on the back of my chair, sat down and fired up my computer.  I began searching our database for any group known to have used petrol bombs. 

I did find a few but as Paul said, they were old school and hadn't been active for years.  I then searched to see if any warnings had come up, plans to attack public places, bulidings where there would be lots of people.  Nothing.

Talk about being the intelligence service, we didn't even know who we were dealing with.

'Have you found anything?'  Jane was looking over my shoulder at the screen.

'Nothing, no active groups who use petrol bombs and no alerts to any potential threats from the usual suspects.  I'm guessing whoever is setting this up is new.'

'Well if they're new they'll make mistakes leave behind evidence.'  She ran her hands through her hair, a nervous habit she had.  'Get down to the murder scene, see if anything has been left behind either on purpose or by accident.'

'Sure thing boss.'  I grabbed my jacket and headed out.  I knew I was going to be doing my fair share of walking today.

The End

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