I was in bed at seven this morning when the phone went.  I rolled over and answered it.

'I need you in the office...NOW.'  Well at least I got a lie in compared to my normal working hours.  I stumbled out of bed and found my usual shirt and jeans.  I knew it was a bit informal but I couldn't be bothered to dress smart if I was going to be in the field all day.

Jane was more stressed than usual as I walked into the office with my usual cup of coffee in one hand.

'Was that as fast as you could manage?  We have an emergency here.'  The novelty and excitement of the saving the country thing had worn off after about the first three months and now I just wanted a normal day at the office without bomb scares, terrorists or any other general threat to national security.

'You're needed in the boardroom.'  Paul, our techie was sitting with his legs up on his desk.

'You know she hates it when you sit like that.'

'Yeah, but she's waiting for you in the boardroom.'  I sighed, threw my jacket at my chair and missed.

'Damn.'  I left it and went to my first important meeting of the day.

The End

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