Cryptic WordsMature

Last night Jenna Pipkin, aged 36, was found dead in her third story flat. Police say it was an unprivocked and ruthless attack, they have no new leads...

I slammed the paper down on the table.

"Un-bloody-privoked my arse" I muttered as I sat down at my desk, I looked at the clock, seven am. I practically lived here, then again most of the other people who worked here don't have a life outside these four walls. It was practically impossible in this line of work. I hadn't seen my sister in God knows how many years. I didn't even know if I was an Auntie or not.
To be honest I didn't really care, we never got on as kids. She was the popular one with a new boyfriend every week. I was the quite, private one, I never told anyone anything emotional, even my own mother,  because I've seen people that do, and they get skrewed over.
I only gave a shit about four people, Annabell, Matt, Paul and the Head of the team Henry.


The End

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