Violet and Justin both sit side by side staring at the off TV. The smoke from Violet's cigarette floats into the air and hangs in the room. Justin stares at the TV, but instead of losing himself in the blackness, he is nodding off. He finds it increasingly difficult to focus on anything anymore. 

"You understand now, don't you?" Violet asked Justin.

Justin was getting dizzy. The room was spinning. "I hope I wake up soon" he said weakly.

Violet chuckled. "Tell me what her name was."

"The raining stopped" Justin groaned.

"The sun is not out."

Tears brimmed in Justin's eyes. "Where am I?"

Violet sucked the smoke in her lungs. She reached for the remote control for the TV on the armrest of the chair. After grabbing it she looked at Justin. "Look" she said. And she turned on the TV.

The End

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