"I Know Where You Went Today"

A few hours passed before Justin came back to the room, and when he did he went right back to sitting in his chair. But despite the fact that it was raining and raining hard, Justin wasn't wet at all. He sat in the chair and stared at the TV for what seemed like hours but was probably minutes before realizing that Violet wasn't sitting in her chair. But at that exact moment Violet entered through the front door of the room. Unlike Justin, she was dripping wet. 

"Where have you been?" Justin asked.

Violet walked over to her chair and dripped water onto the carpet. She sat down and joined Justin in staring at the black screen. "I was happy once" she said. 

"You know, since we've moved here it has been raining. I don't remember one day where it hasn't been pouring."

Violet laughed. "It never stops. Neither does the rain."

Justin looked at her. "You just got home. Where have you been?"

Violet returned his gaze. "How come you're not wet? You said you were going to work. But you're not wet."

Justin looked into her eyes for a few more seconds before going back to look at the TV. He asked for the third time "Where have you been?"

Violet continued to look at him. She smiled and responded with "I know where you went today."

The End

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