"I've Done Something Horrible"

In an unusual apartment building plagued by mysterious occurrences, a man and a woman have a series of increasingly bizarre conversations.
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Rain pours. Sounds of water hitting the roof echo throughout the room. Thunder cracks and lightning strikes somewhere in the distance, its light bright enough to shine through the windows, illuminating the entire room.

The walls of the room are bright red, the carpet on the floor is dark green, and in the middle of the room are two chairs side by side next to each other. In one chair sits Violet, and in the other sits Justin. They both face the TV and stare intently, but it is not on. Rain continues to pour, thunder continues to crack, and the light continues to shine through the windows every now and then, casting shadows on the floor. 

Violet slowly reaches inside of her pocket and takes out a carton of cigarettes. She places the carton on her lap and reaches back in her pocket for the matches. She takes a cigarette out of the carton and strikes a match. The flame burns and Violet watches it flicker for a few seconds before lighting the cigarette and putting out the match. She places the cigarette in her mouth and inhales the smoke into her lungs, letting it sit there for awhile before blowing it out though her nose.

"You shouldn't smoke those" Justin says. "They'll kill you."

Violet takes another puff. "How was work today?"

"It's raining pretty hard tonight, isn't it?"

Justin gets up from his seat and walks towards the window. He looks outside and watches the rain. As if in a trance, he starts to count the number of lightning strikes that he sees. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. And then the lightning stops, but the rain continues.

"I've done something horrible" Violet says, still sitting in the chair and smoking her cigarette. "Do you think I'll be forgiven?"

Jack turns around and looks at her. "Work was fine. Nothing remarkable happened, nothing ever does." Jack walks back to his chair and sits down. They both sit like that for a few minutes until Jack finally says "I've got to get to work" and gets up. He walks over to the door and grabs his jacket off of the coat rack. After putting it on he waves buy to Violet and opens the door. He slams the door on his way out. 

But Violet wasn't looking when he was waving, nor did she hear the door slam, even though it was hard enough to shake the walls. She was fixated on smoking her cigarette down to the filter and staring at the blank screen on the TV. "Have a good day, honey" she whispered, though no one was there to hear her. 

The End

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