Crying over peterpan

All about experiences with peterpan how it started and how it ended.

That's what he called me. Wendy,
When he told me to take his hand.
Fly with me he said,
this place was called a Neverland.
Who knew my first love is PeterPan.
He said...
I promise there'd be no tears,
If you just ran away my dear.
He said he'd kill all my fears,
He loves to whisper In my my ear.
We could stand hand in hand forever my dear.
We could fly away,
And be free from all the pain
All the pain today.
All your beautiful love,
make it fly this way as a white dove.
Don't hesitate there's no better time than now,
baby the sky is falling down.
Take my hand and fly away,
I don't want it all to end today.
I could wait forever and a day,
Just to have you look my way.
It's in every little thing I do,
'Cause baby I do it all for you,
Why'd you let go of my hand?
You took away my fears,
But you left me all alone my dear.
And I think that was my greatest fear.
And now I sit alone
With dark brown eyes holding back tears.

The End

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