After James uses his magic mixed with his life force to rip the enemy mercenaries to pieces, and the storm fades away. I run to a pile of ashes with a sword stabbed into the ground beside his ashes. I had no sadness in me only anger , and revenge filled my being.  I make a stone tomb around the ashes with river rocks , then with magic seal them together and leave a few enchantments making the the tomb near impposible to break or destroy. I leave a insrcibtion on the tomb.

Here lies James Terik a braver man than I. 

I get up dawn was aproaching from behind me, casting an evil shadow across my face. I grab my katan from its hilt and attempt to stab it into the ground but it shatters from the pressure of the magic I put on it earlier. It was symbol of my days of peace now my days are of reveng , and death. I will find out why this happened , and I kill every man who stand in my path of  destruction , and revenge.

The End

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