Whats left is thrown into the flames.

I charged down my sword drawn with a face full of anger. The first mercenary I ran into didn't even what hit him. As my sword cut straight through him blood spattered across the ground. I didn't even hesitate as I continued on my rampage.  As more blood spattered on the ground they began to notice they're numbers dropping. Then the real thing began.  My sword was a fury of shiny metal bringer od death.  As I fight ferorociously a red aura began to surrounding me.  I killed withough fought , without hesistation.  After I killed all the weak soldiers some more skilled ones with magic abilities showed up. 

I shot forwards like spear at this rather large man.  He tried to stop by making ice wall. I just slammed through and my blade crashed into his thicker broadsword. The katana was detairiating from the magic stress I was putting on it. I kicked him and his broad sword. Without enchantment my sword bursted into flames.  I swung upwards making a arc of fire shooting towards my adversary. He blocked with another Ice wall.  A small grin grows on my face he is on the defensive. I charge fowards slicing his wall in half then we exchanged a few swing befor my flaming sword melt his broadsword and I make a clean cut off his head.  His headless body slowly falls onto the ground. 

I turn around and Jame is completly surrounded by high skilled warrior. He had to much fear. I see him stagger backwards from a hard swing then stabbed from the back. He collapses to his knees barely breathing. He gets back up and block a few more swings of axes and  then I could see him gathering what energy he had left for final attack He gets stabbed one more time from the front. He snaps the blade with his bare hand.  He takes sword and stabs it into the ground from that emenates a blue explosion of light. The merenaries who surrounded him where ripped to shreds by the magic before them. 

I watched this in awe but also in sadness knowing James is as good as dead.

The End

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