They all charged at James, and I.  I had a few small decisions to make. Magic or fight with my katana or both.  Both would use a fair amount of my energy. Using magic may just leave me open. Using the sword we will get swarmed. I choose  using both. 

" Kiorda." I command my sword is Enveloped inflames.  I make a right to left swing. A wall of flames shoots forwards. The mercenaries in front of me fly backwards , some catch on fire others don't. James was taking three mercenaries by himself he was getting forced backwards. I come to his aid gutting on merenary then slicing the others throat. James swung his hilt into the last mercenary's head.

" Run we've got to help the town." I yell

He nodds and we take off as fast as I legs could carry us.

" What do you think is happening?" James says angrily

" I don't have a clear idea. These mercenaries though I saw them near my house..... Mom , Dad!" I yell.

Magic surrounds my leg and I take off. James on my tail.

As we get closer to town it was in flames. screams of pain, anguish, fear , and anger emenated everywhere. I gripped the hilt of my Katana. 

" Who would do this?" I say darkly , and angrily ," I'm going to find out but first revenge."

The mercenaries succesfuly destroyed my town , my life , my family , friends. They we're going to pay.


The End

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