The fight

I met up with James at the fire yard. To describe a fireayard the place where we burn all of our garbage. Not the best place to meet but it was clostest to the hunting grounds.

" You ready?" I say

He nods then jumps over me.  Thats what told me this was going to be more of a competition then a hunt. I gathered a small amount of energy to wrap around my legs like a spring then launch my self into the air.  I caught up to him quickly.

" So this is more for a contest of skills. What the rules?" I ask James.

"Who ever catches the most wins the first round in the next 4 hours wins. Meet at our usual camping spot. The second round who ever can cook the most meat with food wins the second round. If we tie its a duel." He says with a grin

" Sounds like fun. I agree to your terms. See you in 4 hours." I salute him as a joke, then take a right hand turn into the forest. 

In the first 15 minutes I find tracks of a medium sized dear. Now usually I would kill the poor thing with magic. But seeing I needed to maintian energy to cook. I  drew my sword. If I had know it would come to this I would have brought a bow and arrow.  I leaped forwards with a small amount of magic giving me more speed. I slice the dears head off.  I quicky take out the guts , and bring the meat to a round clearing in the trees. In the clearing was a circle made of stones for a fire. I slump the carcass onto the dirt ground and return to hunting. 

1-0 I thought in my head. In the next few hours I catch six more in the same way. James was beat me by two though he brought his bow and arrow though. 

" You bugger." I said annoyed.

" Well bring actual hunting gear next time, Roy" James teased me , " Ready for another defeat?" He grins

" Hell..." I was cut off by heavy metal boots breaking branches behind me.  I turn around quicky my kattana drawn.  The mercenaries I saw from ealrier suddenly appeared from behind the trees.  I guessed maybe twenty of them swords drawn.

" What you want?" Jame ask his broadsword already in his hands.

The mercenaries didn't reply with words but with the first move. One darts fowards his sword aiming for my head. I bat his sword away with a quick tap with my Katana, and counter by slicing his right leg open.  I finish him by kicking him in the head.

" James this doesn't look good." I say


The End

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