I left for my hilltop house that had an amazing view of the town. It was a bit of a walk but the view was worth it.  Once I arrived I took a moment to look at seven peaks once agian as they returned to the normal jagged peaks with snow and ice. My light blond hair rose up revealing my peircing , startling , sea blue eyes.  People used to be afraid of my eyes, some would say they were evil. So I grew my blond hair out so people wouln't pay to much attention to my eyes. I turned around to my two story house built with square beams , and a dull black rock. I opened the wooden door. The house was empty.

" Hey!" I said loudly.

" Oh hey Roy. How was your day?" My mom's head appeared from the cellar.

" It was fun. I'm starting to improve more." I say

" Your already the top of that academy Roy. How much more can one improve?" She mumbles.

She hates the academy becuase it is funded by the king which wasn't quite the issue. It was more of that when war comes around I will probably serve in it. I would have to agree but it was the only education in town, and I enjoyed it.

" Mom , James  ,and I are going to go hunting."  I said dropping my bag , keeping my katana.

" When you getting back?" She asks

" Probably at the latest tommowow morning." I say

" Ok." she says.  I pack a few items of food and leave.

As I go back in town. I see some mercanaries walking down a trail. Mercenaries that isn't a good sign. If you begin to see mercenaries it mean somethings happening something involving death.

The End

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