Crushing days

How much can a person lose in a split instint to go to insanity?

" Ha, I've got you!" I yell swinging down a light katana downwards on my partener.

He swings to block the blow but Its futile. My blade crashes into his sword causing small sparks. His swords hits the ground. I kick him in the stomach sending him into the wall ,and he loses the sparring match.  

" Good one Roy, but I would try to not use such a reckless swing  if your enemy is agile. That would leave you quite vulnerable. My Teacher points out to me.

" Yes Ma'am. I will keep that in mind." I say aknowledging her advice.

My friend James gets up from his defeat. He looked a little ticked.

" James you need to stop being do defensive, otherwise good stance and reflexes." Ma'am says to James , " Well that wraps up sparring for today, Remember tommorow we are studying energy levels, and high level magic." She's says as the todays tutoring ended.

James, and I walked away from the building together.

" Sorry James, you know its only going to make us better." I say

" I know its just your improving so fast Roy. You seem to be good at everything, Magic , sparring , and even Ma'am says your still developing high energy thresh holds. I'm just getting left behind in the dust." James replies glumly.

I punch his shoulder lightly.

" It happens we are only 15 James, we are still changing  physically , mentaly, and even in energy. I'm just at the point I can improve." I say trying to comfort him. 

James has been my best friend since the day I can remember, He's easy to distinguish in the crowd becuase of his blood red hair, and his determined blue eyes. He taller than me by a few inches , but I'm a little on the short side seeing that i'm 5'5.  He's also works out too much to impress the girls , and to be a general show off.

" James are you going to the gym today?" I ask .

" Nah I think I'm going to hang around the wolves den for a bit. You want to come?"  He asks

" No I'm going to go hunting , for a bit its a good day today it rained earlier, and now it's sunny I should be able to track an animal pretty fast." I say Gazing off into the high moutian peaks.

The sun was hitting the peak in such away the snow was gleaming making the peaks held stars. People around town called this part of the day Seven stars, and a old folklore dictates. That during this time spirits of  goodness are released from the seven peaks, and protect the town from evil. 

There is also several stories to go along with that but now wasn't the time to talk about them. 

" You can be such a loner Roy. Why don't you hang , and show off to the girls like me?" He says proudly.

" Because James I'm not you. Besidea I don't need to show off to get a girl." I retort sending him into rage.

" You little!" He says in a friendly way.

Then pushes me over.

" Ha , Ha. not even try to disadmit it." I laughed on the ground.

He calms down.

" I'll come with you on your little trip. Its been a while since we've hunted together." He says giving me hand back up.

" Yeah okay. Meet yah at the fire yard." I say


The End

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