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"Pagen is new to our community. I would like you all to welcome him. He'll be starting int year 11. Right, Pagen, stand up." Mr Keaton, out head master spoke.

Seeing as we only got new kids at the start of school and were usally in year 7, it was strange to have a year 11 moving into the school half way through January.

I looked up from the piece of paper I was doodling on as I heard a massive collection of gasps. I was all seven of my friends had their heads facing the back of the hall. It seemed all the female students had their heads facing that was. Even teachers.

I made a point of not turning my head but went back to drawing on my paper. It seemed like years had gone before my friends had turned round and Mr Keaton had started to talk again.

I watched the clock tick painfully slowly as it reached 9:15. Without realising what I was doing, I started moving my pencil up and down in time with the second hand.

"And finally. I need a student to show Pagen round." My eyes shot  up as he said this. Mr Keaton had this habit of asking the younger ones to show people round. This had me worried but not as worried as when I saw Mr Keaton looking staright at me.

"I have already chosen before this meeting," his booming voice told us, "and Alyssa Ami with be showing Pagen round."

I felt my face flush as everyone turned round to look at me. I went even redder as I heard the girls in year 10 behind me booing. I personally would have preferred one of them showing him round but no. Mr keaton had picked me and I knew exactly why.

Last term I was dared by Ash to put toothpaste on the front doors at the main entrance of school. Being me, I never turned a dare down, so that morning  I snuck out of the house with a rucksack full of toothpaste tubes. When I reached school I put the toothpaste design I'd been practising and got down to it. Little did I know there were security cameras.

So the nextday as soon as I got past the school gates I was summond by the head who showed me the tape and suspended me for vandalising school property. I also had to do 3 months detention and any other random jobs the teachers wanted me to do.

But why he picked me to show this Pagen guy round was strange to me. It wouldn't seem like a punishment to most people but I wasn't one for making new friends. It takes me years to get to know someone before I even start to trust them.

To me this was torture and Mr Keaton knew it.

I kept mt head down during the rest of his per pertulant talking, letting it go through one ear and out the other.

The clock ticked slower than last time I looked at it, making me sleepy. After about 10 more minutes he shut up and let us leave

I suppose one good thing about showing Pagen round was that I got to miss all my moring lessons, so after assembly I followed the head back to his office where we waited for Pagen to join us.

Once in Mr Keaton's room I sat down in one of the plastic chair opposite his, feeling my patience melt away.

I turned round to look at his trophy wall. Sad as it was, he had one. Every little bit of shelf was covered in somesort of this glory from the growing past. It reminded me of something my older sister used to tell me before she passed away. The past grows bigger, the future grows smaller, only the present stays the same. It was one of the last things she ever siad before the car crashed.

Some how looking at his wall made tears sting my eyes. I blinked them away quickly just as a knock came on the door.

"Enter" Mr Keaton barked, looking up from his papers just as Pagen pushed the door open.

Deliberately trying not to look at him, I turned my head to stare at the growing light coming through the window. It made what light there was seem to grow dimmer.

I didn't face Pagen but I knew he was sitting on my left, squashed between me and the almighty trophy wall. I was carful  to keep my gaze steadly on Mr Keaton but failing.

My curiosity about to get the better of me, I wanted to sneak a peak at this guy but couldn't. I moved my head ever so slightly to the right, only just resisting temptation.

"Right," Mr Keaton spoke, "Pagen this is Alyssa Ami, she'll be showing you round."

I nodded my head gently at that then sat in a firm posture.

"Alyssa, This is Pagen Hall, he's from London. I want you to show him round everywher. Leave out no detail. Ok? Good. Go" and with that I was grudgingly getting out of my chair.

I looked directly at the door, intending to reach it before Hall did but he was already there, opening the door for me. I glanced up to look into his eyes.

Damn it, he was hot. His eyes were such an odd colour blue, they seemed to glwo. The only good description would have been electric blue. They were framed by heavy lashes the same colour as his hair, jet black. It semmed to have been gelled into a 'I've just gotten out of bed ' style but I knew it wasn't.

His lips were firm and in a line. The sort you get when their trying to hide a smile. His black hair seemed to make his skin as white as snow.

I could have just stood ther all day staring at him, when I suddenly realised what happened and blushed. I rushed past him and waited at the end of the hall.

Bloody hell. I'd just developed another crush. The first time since Mitch. They were so different. Mitch being light, lush, serious and normal  and Pagen the opposite. Dark, tall, sexy and mysterious.

I was so caught up in my mental debate about who was sexier, that when a hand rested gently on my shoulder, I jumped about 3 feet high and only just stopped myself from screaming.

Turing round I thought I saw a small smile escape his devine lips. I found it hard to repress a sigh when I looked up into his solom eyes. Damn It. This was a big crush and I only had it for a maximum of a minute.

I span back round and headed to the far end of the chool, It was a long route but it was ther furthest away from the head's office so I deicded to show Pagen.

As everybody else were in lessons, it seemed erily quiet with just mine and Pagen's foot steps hitting that nilon floor. I marched ahead, not turning round to see if he was following me.

We just reached the East part of campus when Pagen suddenly grabbed me and yanked me into an old art room.

This is part campus was all old, none of the class rooms had been used since 2001 when building work took place  on the west side, extending the school and thus this section not being used.

It wasn't out of bounds as such but if you got caught there you would be given a dentention almost as fast as Chavs last durring sex. I have to say I think chavs loose first though.

A slam of a door made me scuttle round glaring at the door. Pagen stood there leaning against the door like he owned the place. I felt myself backing away from him, trying to put distance between me and his cheeky smile. I finally bumped into a long art desk and couldn't got any further.

At that Pagen moved closer to me, walking slowly and taking in every aspect of me. My breath got stuck in my throat as the looked deep into my eyes. They seemed to show a hidden promise.

Just as I blinked Pagen had crossed the room and was standing infronth of me, arms around my waist pulling me closer.

He was warm and cosy but smeilt of mint and rain all of it driving me crazy. I wanted to kiss him. I couldn't stop myself.

Slowly I tilted my head upward towards his. He lifted one hand up from my waist and brushe my hair out of my face, he turned it into a caress on my cheek befor tipping my head further up.

His lips brushed against mine and I felt myself kissing him harder, wantign to kiss him more. I was like he was my air. He took control as I opened my mouth, his tounge meeting with mine. This was it. I didn;t hear a door open or voice speak. I couldn't see a thing but stars bouncing before my eyes. I didn't motice anythin. His touch was making me forget everything.

Door. Opening. I pulled back and looked straight at the door. Horror froze on my face as I saw Mrs Lewis the deputy head.

"Fuck it," I heard Pagen mutter under his breath. I was too stunned to reply.

"You and you," pointing at me and Pagen, "Heads office now!" Oh damn. I was in deep trouble now.

I was about to turn and leave when  Pagen moved to my ear.

"No one can keep us apart," was all he said and boy was he wrong. Mr Keaton saw it fit to suspend me and ban us from seeing each other on school grounds. By the time I got back to school Pagen was no longer intrested.

The End

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