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Nace’s family were up to visit me and my family. I’ve known Nace since I was born. We were almost born on the same day. Only minutes separated us. I was the younger and never heard the end of it. I didn’t mind though. She was like my soul sister.

When ever I looked at her, I envied her. She was petite with mid length brown hair. She had deep chocolate eyes and a nose even surgery couldn’t find fault with. To go with her height she had thin arms and legs. They weren’t a stupidly small size but they were on the verge of becoming just that. Next to her I felt fat and frumpy.

I had mousy blonde hair that came to my hips. My eyes such a dark blue most people mistake them for black. Unlike Nace, I was a comfy size 10, sometimes 12 if I had a bad month. She had a boyish frame. I had, what she called, a goddesses body. At only 12 I also had size 28 B bras. I hated being the only girl wearing a bra but I knew others would soon be wearing them.

Nace preferred the girly look that always showed off what curves she had, I on the other hand liked to bring in my own style. Usually I wore clothes that were a year or two out of the fashion cycle. I didn’t care. No one else seemed to care either. It wasn’t like I was looking for attention for girls or boys.

Boys. They never looked at me. I was just another girl their crush was friends with. The only one who did notice me was only because I was more like a sister to him.

He was Nace’s brother. He was two years older than me. Unlike his sister, he was tall with golden hair and yellow eyes that always reminded me of a Cat.

To Nace he was an annoying brother who never shut up. It me he was exotic. Being single takes its toll. It was like he was a God. His smile could save lives. He always seemed to radiate sexy without even trying. His grades were good and he was still popular.

No matter what he was doing, whenever he saw me, he would take me into a giant bear hug and show me to his mates. I was like a trophy, his most prized possession.

That’s what he was to me. He was my light in a dull day. A cookie when ill, great TV when nothing was on. But I knew I was never going to be anything more than possibly another sister to him. That broke my heart.

As Nace’s family were up we were going out for dinner. They didn’t live far away. An hour and a half at most but they were always busy. We rarely saw anything of the Lang family.

I climbed into the car, feeling terribly squashed between Nace and an overly stuffed rabbit. I had no idea why dad kept it in the car but he did.

Nace seemed to talk all the way to the pub and I let her. I knew later she would ask about me until then I put up with her nattering away. She told me all about her life at private school, how all her wanted to meet this crazy Alyssa. She also went on about swimming. Never shutting up.  You could talk about loo roll and some how she would find away to talk about swimming.

She had a dcream to become an olympic 2012 swimmer. I supported her but only for so long. When she tried to get me join in, I would have an excuse at the ready.

By the time we pulled up at the pub, I was about ready to go in search for some duck tape; but I had a feeling not even that would stop her.

We all piled out of the car and waited for Mithc, Al (Nace's younger sister) and their parents, Colin and Hannah.

My phone buzzed just as their Ford pulled up. Reaching for my phone, I smiled as I flipped it up and read the text. Mitch had sent me a text even though their car was here.

I looked back down at the text again and couldn't contain my bite of laughter. I looked back at Mitch just as he ducked his head to get out of the car. I stared as the pub lights hit his golden strands of hair, that seemed to have been placed by the gods, making me gasp.

He gave me a lazy smile that only came when he was truly relaxed. It turned into a full blown grin as he took in my face frozen in a comical 'O' and my moblie just about to fall out of my hand.

I continually gazed at him, feeling myself turn into a pile of goo at his feet. All I could do with out making a fool of myself was stare at him.

His sudden burst of laughter told me I was obviously failing at that was well. A hot blush came up my cheeks as I finally stared at the floor, focusing on the filthy puddles at me feet.

"Come on Alyssa, stop staring at the floor and get in here," my mum yelled at me. I glanced up quickly to see everyone heading towards the pub.

"I... um dropped something and I can't find it, I'll be in in a min." I replied bobbing my head back donw.

"Okay," mum sang entering and holding the door open for everyone else.

I played the act for a few more minutes, looking at the floor with blank intrest, as cars zoomed by. After a while I got bored of bending down and straightened up, pulling my top down and brushing the dirt off my hands.

Just as I was about to turn round a pair of hands encircled me around the waist. If they were entending to be scary or threatening, they weren't. They were big, warm and very easy to recognize who they belonged to.

I felt myself relaxing into Mitch's chest. I lent my head back and enjoyed the way I felt in his arms. By the way he pulled me closer to him, I imagined he enjoyed holding me too.

Mitch started murmuring words into my hair, none of it understandable but it didn't stop me from enjoying it none the less. Just as I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. Her moved his hands gently brushing against my waist and hips.

Slowly her rested them on top of my hips and pressed a kiss into my hair, massaging my hips with his massive hands. He gently turned me round until we were face to face.

I looked up into his blue eyes and saw his look of respect and something else I couldn't understand. But I was determind to find out. My gaze travelled up to his lips wanting to kiss him so badly my toes started to curl.

Finally he started to lean down to me. I closed my eyes waiting to feel the heat from his lips on mine. He had something else in mind. Instead of coming for my mouth, he went for my ear, breathing gently into my ear.

"Alyssa, I have a girlfriend." Mitch whispered before pulling away. My heart froze as I stood there. I stared at him as he walked away fro me. I felt tears form in my eyes and I almost fell to my knees.

All of a sudden Mitch turned round and ran back to me. He leaned down and kissed me. My world stopped as he pushed him self closer to me. I opened my lips inviting him in. He didn't though.

Again he pulled away, looking me in the eyes he opened his mouth.

"Keep in touch. I'll be waiting for you," and with that he left and walked down the street.

This time my world crashed into me. I fell to my knees and wept my eyes out. My shoulders shuddered with the tears that poured down my face. I no longer cared about if my mascara ran.

After that night I vowed never to cry over a boy again. I also never saw Mitch again.

The End

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