Crush or Be Crushed

uh, not really a story so much but a random blurb. a guy i accidently eavesdropped on said something about a crush and it got me thinking and so i just wrote down my thoughts. comment and tell me what you think

They say it's not just another "silly school girl crush," but how do they know? How do they know it's not just some little crush that's going to leave them laying in the dirt broken and confused? That's what happens with a crush, you get crushed. However, if the crush developes into something more then they have the possibility of falling in love. Just like with crushes, the name hints at the pain. I think i'm more afraid of love though. The trust factor is an issue with me. Falling in love means throing yourself into the air and trusting that other person to catch you... but what if they don't? Do you ever hit rock bottom? Or do you just keep falling in deeper and deeper until you can't possibly save yourself? Does this feeling of plummeting to my death ever stop? Am I too late?

The End

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