Crusader ~ Chapter III Part IMature

Chapter III

   A light breeze blew over the clearing, waving the grass ever slightly. Katherin sat on a log, and mixed some dough in a small bowl. The sun was starting to set, and ther other three hadn't come back, she thought. Didn't they know the forest was dangerous at night? With all the Deathrattle vipers, and Vine Horrors, and Spitting drakes, and... and... She tried not to think about them.

    Katherin pulled the spoon out of the dough, checking the consistancy. Too soft. Some of the flour Verranda made should remedy that, she thought. Katherin went to one of the trees at the site, where Verranda kept her stuff. Solace was tied to it, happily eating the salt Alex found in Derynn. 

   Solace looked up as Katherin approached,whined a bit, and trying to step back. 

      "What's wrong, boy?" Katherin wen up to him cautiously. "... I won't hurt you..." She stroked his side.

          A twig snapped in the distance. Katherin turned her head to look, and dropped her bowl.

     Several hidious creatures lept from the treeline, Bloodlust in their deep, red eyes. They charged forward, leaping like he hyena-men they were, brandishing their stained handaxes.

           "Gnolls!!!" Katherin screamed.

~       ~

   "... This is the place?" I asked,   looking into the mouth of the cave that bore into the hills surrounding it. Evening was ending, light started fading as the sun dipped below the horizon. 

     Verranda confirmed, "Sure is, an if I were you, I'd watch your head. 'Be a shame if you lost it." She turned and flashed her trademark grin at Alexander and I.

   "... You want us to search the cave... Why?" Alexander asked, obviously sensing that she was hiding something. 

       "Great risk brings great reward, or something like that." She countered. "Besides, I thought you guys could handle yourselves..."

    "You're sending us into a cave on your stead! I'm- I'm starting to doubt that you're a part of the team. All you've done is snare some food and wink at Lez-" I rubbed my neck, slightly embarressed, as Alex continued, "-And you want us to check out a dangerous cave, basicly 'just because'? It-"

        "-Don't forget, I dragged your happy ass out of Derynn! You know, with the murderous army and all?!" She snapped.

   I stepped in, "-Woah, woah, woah... We're trying to survive, not rip eachother to shreds!" I gestured to Alex, "I agree, with you, so far as it's kinda fishy..." He was sneering at Verranda, my words just seem to bouce off of him.

   I turned back to Verranda, "Did you see anything when you were here last?"

         She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I started walking into it, and I saw torchlight after a bit, coming from a corridor to the right. I was unprotected, so that's why I got you two. Happy?"

   I nodded my head. "You can come with us then. If something happens, you'll be right there with us..." I tried to sound friendly, but it still came off as a If-We-Go-You-Go sort of attitude. 

     I didn't trust her. No amount of flirtive smirks would've changed that.

~    ~

The End

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