Crusader ~ Chapter I Part IMature

Chapter I

   I awoke very suddenly. Another dream about my mother. Although she died five years ago in a Kobold raid, her memory haunted me even then.

   Dawn light shone through the bedroom window, but I was tempted to slink away from it and go back to bed. Especially after a nightmare like that. The first birds of the day started singing, and I soon realized that I wasn't going to be able to sleep in. A shame, considering that day was one of the few holidays I had.

   I got up and dressed, looking around the single room I called home; A dresser, a desk, and a bed. Light was provided by a candle and a single window. In the time that I had been there, I never bothered to paint the white stone brick walls. Maybe because I couldn't afford it. I also had a lone painting of the cathedral in Menzoberran, where I once lived. In a strange way, it inspired me. I sat back on my bed, and admired the work of art for the ump-teenth time.

      "-Lesovikk!" I heard my surperior call from downstairs. I rubbed my muzzle on my shoulder. More classes. It was all review for me, and, with the shortage of men since the war started, I thought my talents could've been used better. 

   No one parented me when my mother died, so I wasn't pressured to pursue any one career. I decided when I was fifteen to become a priest's assistant, to fix what my father broke twenty years ago. Why assistant? I was to old to join the clergy. I had been studying for five years then, and I was eager to get out. Of course, I am now grateful for the time I spent there, since the knowledge has saved my life numerous times.

   Anyway, I opened my door and walked into the hall. It was a beautiful day, the early morning light was shining through the open windows lining the hall, A slight breeze was blowing in, just enough to move the tapestries by the open stairway ever slightly. I walked carefully, so as not to wake the other students in the dorms down the hall.

   I came down the stairs to find Superior Larkens bent over on one knee, praying. I never would have thought I took that long. I took my nervous, scaled body into the next room to see him. Although the curtains were drawn, there was enough light to see by. The two candles by the doorway didn't add much to the light. 

     Superior Larkens got up and turned to face me. "...Lesovikk," He said with a grim tone, which was odd. Superior Larkens always seemed to be light-hearted, dispite being middle-aged and having to deal with unrulely students all day, every day. He pulled a scroll from the pocket of his robe, and handed it to me. He said with a grave tone, "...I need this scroll translated. I never studied Dwarven, and, if I'm not mistaken, says something about you..." 

   I looked down at the old scroll. 'Something about me?' I thought. 'I'm no one special, am I?' .  I slowly opened it to see a single line of text. I swallowed, and looked up a Surperior Larkens briefly. I looked back down at the anceint scroll once more, ready for anything: History, riches, royalty, curses, or even... A prophecy of death. I tried not to dwell on it. I read the sentence out loud.

   "If you can read this, you are over-educated."

   I breathed a sigh of relief. Larkens laughed as his attitude returned to normal. After my heart stopped racing, I chuckled a bit as well. 

  "Never wake me up and worry me over a joke again!" I said as I laughed.

      Superior Larkens rubbed the back of his neck as he calmed down. "Sorry," he said with a smile. "-And breakfast should be ready soon."

~    ~

   After breakfast, I decided to take a stroll around Derynn. That day was a rare holiday, and I didn't want to waste it around the seminary. As I walked toward the doors, I saw a pair of Humans playing a card game. A sizeable pile of gold coins (at least by my standards at the time) stood in the center of their table. One obviously was skilled at this game, since he had a smug look on his face, while his opponent was stressed. There weren't very many Humans at the seminary, but there were a few. These particular men were just enjoying their new rights as refugees in Lokotz: Gambling was illegal in Tyrmin, where they come from.

   I strolled out the open, oakwood doors as I noticed a piece of parchment nailed on the inside of the door. I stopped myself, and took the time to read the hand-painted note.

      'WHY LOKOTZ NEED MORE DEFENSE AGAINST THE FORCES OF THE BLACK PRIEST! - Speaker: Katherin Norric - Location: Derynn Town Hall - Time: Noon'

  More propoganda about the war, I thought to myself. Not like we needed more. But I didn't have anything else planned in particular, and Superior Larkens suggested her speeches to me once. But, knowing him, that was probably a joke as well. 

   I took a breath of the warm Derynn air, and left to hear Ms. Norric's speech.


The End

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