Just sort of... crawl around aimlessly and see what happens.

The snails, after much planning decided to unleash their most developed plan. Spanning throughout time legions of snails had trained themselves ruthlessly for this very task, knowing one day that they would be called into battle. It was a noble tradition, passed down through countless ages of shell-lore from one generation to the next.

The snails had decided to unleash their ultimate weapon. They would crawl around aimlessly and see what happened! A collective gasp spread around the council. Things had been getting bad, but to resort to this. Were they really that desperate. What had their unprovoked war with the humans driven them to?

However, one snail stood back, cowled in shadow and as the arguments heated up, he yelled "Silence!" and crawled into the centre of the council to address them all at once.

"Brothers! Sisters! The war has been going on long enough! The attacks were entirely unprovoked, our people are crushed for no reason at all! A time to take a stand has come and so we can do nothing less than resort to the most darkest of actions, as the humans do to us, our families, our children!"

There was a mumbling of agreement.

"Further more, I shall lead the first expedition of..." He paused for dramatic effect. "... The Crawling!"

And that made the decision final. No-one really argued with the snail that hung around in the shadows. He was a bit strange and whomever argued with him always met with a sticky end. Which admitted wasn't that unusual for a snail, being both sticky and often meeting their end anyway, but it was the principle of the thing.

The Crawling began the next day. An immense group of elite snail Crawlers were chosen and spread through out the world to wander aimlessly. May Shell protect them and guide them on their mission!

The End

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