I sat in the headmaster’s office. I didn’t know why but I was there. Some of my memory had gone away so I didn’t know why. The headmaster was talking but I couldn’t hear.

“John are you listening?!” he shouted. I looked up at him.

“I feel sick…” I mumbled. I heard a loud crash as someone came in through the window.

“Macromir, what are you doing?” asked Leonel, the headmaster.

“I’ve gots me a special delivery from the good ol’ brainiac known as Albie-” he looked at me. “OH MAI GAWD THAT’S THE GUY!”

“What’s so interesting ‘bout me?” I snarled.

“Rumple, man! Rumple! He’s plannin’ world domination through that guy!” the guy shouted pointing at me.

“I doubt it Macromir, what’s so special  about him?”

“Albie was too insane to tell me.”

“John, I’m sending you to the counselor's office. I will deal with you when Macromir and I are done talking.” I sat in front of the counselor. He stared at me with curious eyes after asking his question.

“Well?” he asked.

“I’m not talking to you,” I firmly stated.

“Why?” God, this guy asked every question in the book.

“You’re some old quack that just wants to torture me.” The quack burst into laughter. He shook his head and smiled a broad smile at me. He took off a mask.

“It’s me, Paul.”


“No, Paul.”

“Yeah I...Ugh never mind.” I face palmed. What was wrong with this guy? He grabbed my hand and pulled me away somewhere. “Where are we going?!” I asked as he dragged me outside.

“I found a cabin in the woods!”

“I don’t fancy being brutally murdered or raped Paul!” I yelled stopping. I heard a crunch and let out a scream. “The hell you broke my wrist you bastard!” I screeched at him. His purpled eyes grew wide and full of tears. I let my cover slip at the sight of that.

“I’m so sorry, John. May I see it?” he stepped closer to me and took my hand. I hissed in pain. He looked up at me with sincere eyes. “I am so sorry…” he kissed my wrist. Movement slowly came back and it didn’t hurt anymore. Paul hugged me. “I’m so sorry.” The boy shook as my shoulder grew wet. I hugged back. I had the most amazing feeling. I felt loved.

“Let’s go to the cabin,” I suddenly said. Paul’s eyes lit up as he smiled. He nodded. “I’m gonna follow you. I followed Paul once more deep into the woods until we saw a cabin. Paul opened the front door. It was full of books and bottles and plants. We walked around looking at things.

“Wow...they’ve got an eye here,” Paul muttered before the front door suddenly closed. There stood a man his eyes narrowed at us.

“Why are there children in my cottage?” he asked us angrily.

“Uh-uh sir we’re s-so sorry I-I dragged my friend out here s-so if anything it-its my fault,” Paul stuttered. The man looked at me and stepped forward until in front of me. I was scared. He put his hand on my forehead and whispered words that I didn’t understand. It stopped. It all stopped. Time froze and I faded away.

“Paul…I can’t believe you,” said Ricki. “You’ve gotten him hurt again.” I couldn’t listen to him I was too busy staring at John. He was restless and delirious. He stared at the ceiling his breathing was fast and unsteady a blush tinted his cheeks he was burning hot to the touch. John kicked off his blanket again.

“I didn’t mean too…” I watched John’s wrist turn purple and bend backwards unnaturally. He let out a groan as his bone popped out of his skin. Ricki’s eyes widened.  

“Oh dear…” he said. “What did you do now!” he snapped at me. I shook my head.

“It wasn’t me.” Ricki’s eyes narrowed at me. Abigail opened the door carrying three trays of food.

“Hey, Paul, Ricki. I brought you both some food and some for the patient there. Also, Jamie gave me an apology note stating quite formally why he had to take a test.”

“Leave it to James,” I positively stated. She giggled and sat between Ricki and I.

“Oh no! His wrist! He needs a cast on it.”

“Shuddup...I’m sleeping…” whined John. He rolled over and hit his wrist making him shoot up and scream. “HOLY FUCK!” he screamed.

“Shh…relax John,” soothed Abigail as she fixed his wrist. John was in tears and let out a yelp of pain every so often.

“I feel so manly right now!” he yelped.

The End

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