Jamie's PlansMature

“Everyone line up!” shouted Ricki. His hair was tied up in a ponytail, sunglasses covered his eyes making him look intimidating. He was wearing a skin tight tank top, shorts, and what looked like very expensive shoes. Ricki took off the shades and looked us over, then winked at the cheerleaders (who swooned). “Does anyone here not know what Foray is?” Paul raised his hand. “Why are you here?”

“I was looking for the cheer tryouts,” the fish replied. Everyone around me laughed except Paul  the Foray team and a couple people. Paul looked down w/ a green blush on his face.

“What are you a fairy?!” shouted the person next to me.

“No wonder! I mean his parents are dykes!” shouted someone else. Ricki glared at everyone making them stop. His face was red with anger. He closed his eyes and breathed for a few moments. When his face turned its normal color he opened his eyes again.

“I am very disappointed. Laughing at someone because they wish to do something that is ‘only for girls’ or ‘only for boys’ when we are capable of doing anything we want and it doesn’t matter our gender, who we love, our race, or how we look. Anyone who laughed step forward.” Everyone except me and three other people stepped forward. “None of you are trying out, now. Good luck next year. Hopefully by then you’re all better people.”

“You hypocrite!” the guy next to me shouted. “You’re a homophobe yet you defend that queer?”

“I’m not a homophobe. I don’t approve of homosexuality because it’s against my religion but I understand that not everyone believes in my religion. I want you to leave.”  The guy ran at Ricki who grabbed him and threw him across the stadium (roughly 25 feet). “Anyone else?” The others ran off.

“Thanks Ricki,” mumbled Paul. He looked down with sad eyes. Ricki put his hand on Paul’s shoulder (which he needed to stand on his toes to do).

“Anytime. If anyone is mean to you let me know.” Paul smiled, nodded, and ran to the cheer tryouts.

“Awe Ricki’s being a good samaritan!” said Sierra sarcastically.

“Shuddap,” he giggled. He looked at the rest of us. “Okay ladies! If you’re gonna back out, do it now!” the only other guy backed out. “Sweet! Both of you are in!”

“Wait what?!” the girl shouted.

“Well, we only need two more members and if you two aren’t good I can always kick you two out. Besides, I believe in both of you.”

The Next Morning in Machines Class

I stared at the work tablet. I glanced at the Crunch brand logo on the side. What if there’s a world apocalypse created by the Crunch machines.

“The Albetrudes already control the world I’m sure they wouldn’t need a machine apocalypse. Can I see the blueprint?” I handed him the tablet. He glanced at the blueprint for the robotic arm then gave it to me.

“You know that the Professor’s about as sane as Gacy.”

“More like Syd Barrett,” he mumbled. “Screw driver.” I handed it to him.

“How is she not Gacy?”

“Not a clown, in fact afraid of clowns and doesn’t kill people.”

“Yes she does. Capitalist beliefs.”

“Do you even know what that means?”

“Nope.” Jamie let out a groan and slapped his forehead.

“By the way,” an evil look was in my friend’s eyes. “I’m planning...WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! Would you like to be my slave? Or die?!” My eyes widened at his mood swing.

“Uh...slave I guess…”

“YES THE WORLD WILL BE MIEEENNN!!” the young boy stood up and laughed an evil cackle.

“Jameson Neko Leaus! Quit planning to destroy the world!” yelled Mr. Techr. Jamie pointed at the man.

“It is not world destruction! IT’S WORLD DOMINATION!!!”

“Uh yeah, just sit down.” Jamie sat making a stuffed toy squeaker noise as he sat. He continued working on the arm with me gaping at him.

“Are you insane?”

“Mentally ill, yes. But there’s an mental issue for everything.” I nodded. I narrowed my eyes at my insane friend. Mr. Techr was behind me.

“Why aren’t you doing any work?”

“I’m doing work, dude.”

“I’m Mr. Techr not dude.”

“Oh shutup.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said shove it up your arse!” I felt this burst of anger. I wanted to punch something. I don’t know why I felt so angry but I felt so angry.

“Leonel’s office now!” he shouted.

“Fuck no!” I shouted. I felt guilty afterwards. But my body wouldn’t listen. My fist connected with Mr. Techr’s face. Something was taking me over. Some anger was affecting me. I was so angry...so upset about something. It was like someone had killed me and I wanted revenge.

“He’s making a move,” said the Professor.

“Who is?” asked Ripley.

“The son of Death.”

“Damanah?” asked Macromir.

“No, Rumple.”

“That name isn’t as threatening…”

“Fine lets name him Rahovart.”


The End

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