The Kitty of Cats! Enter Jamie!Mature

I groaned and opened my eyes. Jesus, I am sore. I opened my eyes to see nothing. I didn’t feel the ground and I couldn’t move. I struggled trying to move and realized I was in a cocoon of some sort. I broke out and looked around. I was high in the air. I looked up and nearly screamed. From the waist up she was a woman but the rest of her was a spider.

“You’re a bad insect,” the woman purred. One of her hairy legs lifted me up. “I think I should punish you.” Her mouth opened and pincers came out. She lifted me higher and her pincers sunk into my side. I let out a weak gasp and fell limp. Suddenly, arms came out of nowhere attacking the woman and grabbing me. My vision started to blur, breathing became harder. As the venom spread my body shut down.

“Is he gonna be okay Jamie?”

“Eventually,” the boy said in a handsomely deep voice. “The venom from Shiba has slowed his heart immensely. But that’s not the worry...he might get cold in this weather.”

My eyes slowly opened. I tried to sit up but was pushed down. I looked at the person who had pushed me down. His hair was short and blue, so were his eyes, and ears. He had cat ears. I giggled. I loved cat. His eyes narrowed as his hair and eyes turned red.

“Don’t you laugh at me, I saved your life!” he slapped me. “Nobody gives a crap if I save their life!” he was skipping around the room angrily...which I might say looked odd. “I mean seriously?! I saved your life instead of my brother’s! But who knows where he’s at! Psh like you care you unintelligent, worthless, fleshbag!”

“Ouch...your words wound me,” I said sarcastically.

“I wish they did, you ungrateful, sarcastic worm!” he stomped. “I should’ve let you die a slow and painful death!” He yelled from the other room. I looked at Paul.

“Who’s that?”

“His names Jameson Leaus, but call him Jamie. Even though he looks nine he’s actually seventeen. The boy has been through quite a bit.” Jamie stomped back in with blue hair. He hugged me.

“I’m so sorry, John. I’ve been rude to you. I should’ve realized that you were laughing because you like cats, not because I’m a freak.” I looked at Paul with wide eyes who nodded.

“It’s fine James.”

“No, I’m Jamie. My dad was James,” he stood straight, his hair turned orange. “My name is Jameson Leaus but please call me Jamie. You also have been a bit on the rude side to me.” I nodded.

“Sorry...I’m just irritated.”

“I understand. It’s best if you get some rest.” I nodded once more and laid back in my bed.

The Next Day in Between Seventh and Eighth Hour

“Thank you so much Jamie,” I thanked my peer.

“It’s fine,” he mumbled staring into the distance.

“I was better much faster than usual. Paul even Googled it. He said it would take months to recover when I did in only a couple hours!”

“Yeah, its lovely John.”

“You okay?” I stopped.

“My twin is dead,” he sighed.

“I understand…” I empathized. “I had a sister once, well she wasn’t related but...She was all I had.” We started walking again.

“What was her name?” he asked.

“Prudence,” I sighed. Memories of her fluttered through my mind. My beautiful sister. She was tall and lean. She had a braided red mohawk and green eyes. Green like my fathers. She wore camo jeans, a black tank top, and knee high combat boots. She knew how to fight, she had been in the marines. She was strong and independent. Prudence stood up for me, against anyone. One day her and her girlfriend went out fishing and never came back. “She was a good woman. I still miss her.”

“I understand...I already miss my brother…” I nodded and went to class. Throughout the day painful memories of my sister floated through my head.

Eight Years Ago

“Mister Sea-mas!” I shouted looking for my pretend dad. “Mister Sea-mas!” I had made him a nice little present. I saw a girl on the couch. “Missus where’s mister Sea-mas?” A sucker stick was between her teeth, her hands were behind her head, and her feet on the table.

“The Mister is out on business. The name’s Prudence Clementine, what’s your name lil guy?”


“John who?”

“Just John. I don’t have a last name…”

“Do you want one?” she sat up with her elbows on her knees. I smiled and nodded. “C’mere sit on my lap first.” I sat on her lap. “How about Lennon, there’s a cool artist out there by the name of John Lennon.” I shook my head.

“I want something meaningful.”

“How about Clementine? That’s my last name.” I nodded excitedly. She smiled at that. “Got any siblings?”

“No but I’ve always wanted an older one to keep bullies away.”

“I’ll be your big sister. I’ll keep them no good scum away.” Prudence gave me a sucker. Blue cotton candy.

I pulled the sucker out of my mouth and stared for a few moments. Prudence...I miss you. I thought.

The End

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