The Enigmatic Fishman! Enter Paul!Mature

“AY! John wake up!!” someone screamed. Where am- Oh yeah...Freakin’ Ricki. An alarm clock hit me in the head.

“What the hell man?!”

“C’mon wake up! Up! Up! Up! Up!!!!” he demanded. “I woke you up early so you could register for Foray.” I rolled over and threw my pillow at him. He jumped on me. “GET UP!!!” Ricki zapped me with his finger.

“That frickin hurt!!” I screeched and threw him off.

“Are you awake yet?” he asked with an adorable smile that made him look like an innocent child. My heart melted then froze over.

“Yeah I’m up…” I mumbled and sat up. I stumbled into the bathroom with Ricki behind me. He started brushing his teeth while I started the shower. I undressed and got in. Ricki talked on while I lathered shampoo into my hair.

“You know you should cut your hair maybe it-”

“NO!” I glared at him.

“Sorry…” he mumbled while brushing his hair. I got out and dried up. I dressed into the school uniform. “Matches your hair,” commented Ricki. I nodded.

“Yeah,” I started packing. “Where do I register for Foray?”

“I’ll give you the form at breakfast,” he said while drying his hair. I noticed all his hair dye had come out. He had a blonde surfer hairstyle. Ricki straightened his tie and combed his hair. “C’mon let’s go to breakfast.” I followed him to the lunch room. Since, nobody else was up we got breakfast first. I got eggs and coffee while Ricki ate steak. He handed me the form which I filled out while eating.

“So who’s this kid?” asked a short young man. He looked a bit younger than Ricki and older than me. He had long brown hair and light brown eyes. His lips were thin his eyes more narrow than most and his skin naturally tan. He ran his fingers through his hair and sat down.

“He’s my roommate, he’s gonna try out.”

“Ah sweet man. I’m the Trickery member of the Foray team. The name’s Swift McAfee of Celeritate,” he shook my hand.

“John McPherey of Insulam Amisit,” I said after swallowing.

“Do you got an element of any kind John?” asked Swift. I shook my head. He puffed his lips out in an impressed look and nodded. “You got guts kid. Being mortal and trying out for a sport involving having the shit beat out of you using fists, legs, and elements. I mean if you get thrown into the lava you could die and if Ricki shocks you its instant death.” I stared with my stomach in my throat and my jaw on the ground.

“Jesus, Swift you scared him,” said a young girl.

“Sierra don’t say that name like that,” warned Ricki. She rolled her eyes at him and sat down. She had long white dreadlocks that had the occasional bubblegum pink or cotton candy blue stripe. Three short horns grew out of the center of her head and two long curled horns grew out of the sides of her head above her ears. The ones on her forehead were purple, blue, and pink. The ram-like horns were white and covered in rings. Her lips were green along with her eyes and she wore blue eyeshadow. She had a viper bite piercing and a barbell.

“Chill out Ricki. By the way, the name’s Sierra Diet of Greenhorn. You’re a cute dude, John.” She winked at me. I blushed, she was cute. She sat close to me making me blush. Sierra giggled.  “So where’s Jayson?” she asked Ricki.

“He’s training somewhere,” he replied. Then at that moment I saw the person who’ll be my best friend and would change my life forever. I didn’t expect him to be a six armed, gray skinned, mop topped, Fishman by the name of Paul. He skipped into the lunchroom with a crowd of girls and the occasional guy behind him. He sat down and raked his fingers into his blue hair. His face was dotted with freckles, thick framed black glasses were over his purple pupiless eyes and his straw colored scarf looked stuffy. He looked at me with half closed eyes and smiled. He winked at me. I looked down at the Foray form and filled it out. The morning announcements went off just after I got into my first hour. Paul sat next to me afterwards.

“Hi. I’m Paul.”

“John,” I mumbled trying not to look at him. He took my chin in his hand and made me look at him.

“You’re so interesting. Trying to find your dad, when he made sure you have nothing to look for...except one hint.” My eyes widened as he spoke. I shoved him into the handicapped stall of the bathroom and locked the door. I pushed him up against it.

“How do you know all this?” I asked. Paul let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh thank God! I thought you were going to rape me!” he laughed at my confused expression.

“No! I’m not gay,” I mumbled.

“You sure? You’re only thirteen, haven’t even hit puberty yet. What if your sexual orientation changes? It’s more likely due to a lack of a father figure.” I punched him in the nuts. He squealed and fell over.

“Answer my fucking question you giant fish!”

“I just know!”


“I just do!” he stared at me with desperate eyes. “I have an abnormal ability of knowing without knowing. And I want to help you find your dad.”

“Do you know where he’s at?” I asked.

“Not exactly.” We went back to class. After school I got the mail. I had already gotten a letter from The Geezer. It was a threat that if I didn’t do my homework he’d burn my house down. I didn’t actually think he was serious but I didn’t want to chance it. I made popcorn and started work.

“Whatcha doin’?” asked Paul. I jumped. “Oh sorry.”


“AH! You use popcorn to think too. Hey there’s some woods in the back wanna go?”

“Not really my legal guardian sent me a death thr-”

“Let’s just go!” he grabbed my arm and dragged me outside.


“Let’s just go!!” he yelled dragging me deep into the forest.

“We’re lost now you shit head!” I screamed at him. He shrugged.

“Psh it’s fine.”  We both saw a light, Paul’s eyes widened. “Oh lordy lord...I have never been so happy to be seduced.” I looked at what Paul was looking at and saw my father.

“Dad?” I walked towards him. The closer I got the more my eyes closed. My lids grew heavier with each step. When I got to him, my eyes closed.

The End

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