The Prince of Fulmen! Enter Ricki Slade!Mature

I looked at the room number on the door, looks about right. Ricki Slade will be my roommate, he's the captain of the Foray team and Prince of Fulmen. I read through his school profile real quick before I decided to knock. The door swung open and I have never seen anyone as batshit insane as Ricki. With his multicolored spiky hair and blue tongue I thought I was hallucinating. Sadly, I wasn't. His hair ranged from normal browns and blacks to neon greens, pinks, and oranges to red and blue.

Ricki was shorter than expected, still taller than me, but, he had already hit puberty. I couldn't say I didn't envy his body at the moment 'cause I really wanted a physique like his. Muscular and tan, it was probably from the effort, strain, and heat from playing Foray every weekend. The skin tight red t-shirt didn't help my self esteem. I was thankful that his pants were baggy because his legs would murder my self esteem and he was more than likely bigger and better than me. First day at school and my self esteem went out the window.

"OH MAI GOSH!! I'm so happy to meet you, John!" he shouted. Ricki pulled me into the dorm room. He shook my hand. "The name's Ricki Slade of Fulmen."

"John McPherey of Insulam Amisit," his handshake was firm. It scared me.

"Isn't that that weird island in the middle of the Post-Atlantic?"

"Pretty much yeah," I replied. He let out the most ridiculous high pitched laugh

"Well since you're just a freshman and I'm a badass I gotta give you a tour of the place, m'kay!" I nodded. I followed the older man around the room and the dorms. The alarm was to go off at an hour before sunup I got the first shower, second toilet, first dressed, and first out since freshmen classes started earlier than "badass" classes, as Ricki called them. I got the left side of the room and the bottom bunk. Which meant I had less room at my desk to put stuff at but I also got a bookshelf and a side table. Crunch Academy must've been rich since we both got Crunch brand computers. I'm still trying to figure out what's in Prof. Albetrude's head.

He showed me around the dorms. Black dorms had men, white dorms had women, and gray dorms had both. We were in a gray dorm. This school had everything. From Fulmen, to Fishmen, to Aquanians, to Terrians, to Nekos to vampires, to werewolves to...(continues on for a long time) and satyrs. It was beautiful that Prof. Albetrude perfected the world. Ricki showed me around school. I met my teachers, he met his and by the end of the day I was exhausted. I collapsed onto my bed.

"Don't you have to unpack?" the Prince asked. I groaned when he reminded me.

"How are you still running there?" I asked, still unable to move.

"ADHD. I'm in high definition," he smirked. I rolled my eyes and started to unpack. "Why's your hair so long?"

"I like it long," I continued to unpack.

"Why's it red?"

"My dad's a redhead." I put my clothes into the dresser.

"Is he a ginger?"

"No." I put a couple books on the bookshelf, and a cd player.

"What's that?"

“CD player." I took out my CDs.

"WOW!!! What are those?!"


“What do they do?" his excitement got on my nerves.

“Can you shut up for one goddamn second?!" I snapped looking at him with my silver eyes and recently perfected glare.

"S-sorry..." his bottom lip puffed out. His blue eyes shimmered with tears. I felt guilty. I swallowed the guilt and tried to work the player. Ricki touched it and it turned on. It blasted Aerosmith's 'Dude looks like a lady' making Ricki cover his ears. "WHAT IS THAT?!"

"You don't have to yell you jerk!" I turned it down. "Its Aerosmith."

"OHHH YEAHH! I learned about them in music class. This song is odd..." he had a dumb smile. "You like older music don't you?"

"I guess you could say that," I mumbled. I turned it off.

“Can I show you something I like?” he asked when I was done unpacking.

“Why not?”

“I’m the leader of the Foray team and it’s my job to recruit people for our next upcoming game.”

“What does this have to do with me?”

“Can you join?”

“What’s Foray anyways?”

“WELL!” to this very day I regret asking the question. “Foray was created when people thought American Football wasn’t violent enough! So, they added lava, children beating each other to death, and powerful elements ranging from Lightning to Ice. Pretty much a game of murder and blood and guts.” I stared with wide eyes.


“Would you like to join?!”

“Any benefits in joining?” I asked. An evil smile crossed his face.

“A nicely toned body, all the food you can eat at parties, getting with the popular kids, scholarships, and...girls…OH all the girls!”

“So you joined for the girls?”

“No,” he shot. “I have a girlfriend. I joined so my step dad would be proud…”

“Is he?”


“Where’s your real dad?”

“When I was seven he disappeared. He’s probably dead.”

“Don’t give up. When I was two my dad went missing. We can both go looking for them.”

“Yeah….that’s a great idea John. You and I will get on and find them.” Ricki smiled. I laid down in my bunk and turned the light off...tomorrow will be a great day I bet. “By the way, are you joining?”

“Yeah sure,” I mumbled before drifting off to sleep.

“Jack,” boomed the powerful voice of Remus Albetrude. Jack, looked up with a grin at his brother. “Can you give us details of the next rulers?” Jack shook his head. “How about you Macromir?”

“Special tongues, odd music, an evil family, and an extraordinary brain,” the trickster of the bunch known as Macromir responded.

“Wut?” Remus had been confused by Macromir’s words.

“I’m trying to sound mysterious! This is a purposely under detailed part in the story for a reason!”

“Don’t break the fourth wall, Macromir!”

“All four walls in this room are still intact. Are you hallucinating, brother?” All you hear is the sound of someone’s own hand hitting their forehead.

The End

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