The Journey BeginsMature

Two years after I was born my father left, the Old Geezer says he's dead but he isn't. I feel it in my blood, my dad ain't dead. So, I have dedicated my whole life so far (thirteen years ain't bad, eh?) to finding the dude. Due to my stealing habits the Coot and the village decided to send me to Crunch Academy, to which I call bull#^*%. I need to find my dad not get an education!

I felt myself sinking...sinking into darkness. My soul leaving this earth. Except it wasn’t leaving Earth, it was sinking into a container. That demon’s stealing my soul.

“Heh, you think you can get away from me, eh? I’m your master now, kid.”

I slowly opened my eyes taking in a deep breath as I sat up. I stretched in my pitch black room, my body ached from yesterday. I grabbed my clock and turned on the built in flash light. Four AM, same time as usual. I grabbed my clothes and headed to the kitchen where I dumped the gallon of water into a pot to boil. I undressed while waiting. I took some of the water to the bathroom with me and dipped my head into the pot making me hiss in pain. I lathered shampoo into my long red hair forcing it into my scalp. I ducked my head back into the pot feeling the boiling water burn my skin. I continued to wash the soap out of my hair ignoring the pain. Eventually the water started to feel good. I dumped some on my freezing body and felt the pain come back. I couldn’t take it so I dumped the water and dried myself.

I dressed and headed for the kitchen with the towel around my neck. I put some more water on to boil and opened my ice filled fridge. I cracked two eggs into a pan and started to cook them over hard. I added salt and flipped them. I heard a pounding at the door. It was probably him again. I poured some of the boiled water into two cups and added instant coffee. In one of the cups I added a cup of cream and a half cup of sugar the other I left black.

“The door is open!” I shouted flipping the eggs onto my plate. I sat down at the table with my coffee and eggs just as the door burst open. “Good morning, Pig.” The village leader scoffed and sat down in front of me taking the coffee with cream and sugar.

“How’d you know I was coming?”

“The reason you’re here.” A stupid smirk came across his face. He nodded.

“You’re a smart boy, John. Too bad you’re wasting your life being a thief.”

“I ain’t wasting my life. I’m getting by.”

“Really, I offer money and you prefer to steal!”

“I can take care of myself just fine Old Man! I haven’t been caught yet have I?!” I stood, cracked my knuckles, and felt proud of myself. “I’ve been getting along fine!”

“Then why’s both your electricity water and gas off?” he placed his hands on his hips. I laughed.

“You really are a grandpa! I don’t need that to live. All you need is air, food, water, sleep, and shelter. I’ve got all of them.”

“So that’s why you stole those gallons of water and firewood...The village is having a meeting today.”

“What’s that have to do with me?” I grabbed a sucker and stuck it in my mouth.

“The meeting’s on what we’ll do with you.”

“What you mean by that, Geezer?” I scratched my shoulder revealing my new tattoo. The old hag stared at it. “You like it? Its the Shinto Tomoe symbol inside the Native American Symbol of the Seven Rays, even though it has eight rays. I prefer even numbers.”

“Next thing you know you’re smoking!” he earned a glare from me.

“I’ll never smoke! Its a pain in the ass to steal those and getting an addiction will prevent me from finding my dad.” I took another bite of my eggs. “Great job you Old Hag! They’re cold!” I got up and threw away the paper plate. Immediately afterwards I felt him tie my wrists together.

“You’re coming with me, now!” the Old Geezer shouted. I yelled at him and tried to break the cuffs. He dragged me outside and to the town’s water well.

“You bastard let me go!” I screamed at him. He tied me to the well. “What the hell are you doing?!” I watched as the villagers surrounded me.

“Its time you learned your place, red head!” someone shouted.

“Yeah! He should go to prison!”

“Ship him off to the military!”

“Hey! You know you all love him, too!” the Geezer shouted. The villagers nodded. “How about school?”

“He can’t go to public school!”

“How about boarding school?” he shouted.

“You jerks! I can’t go to school! It’s bullshit! I need to find my dad! Not get an education!” I shouted. The geezer looked at me sadly and put his hand on my shoulder making me freeze.  

“If you go to boarding school you’ll still be able to try to find him, if you go to jail or the military you have no chance.” I closed my eyes. I knew he was right. I looked at the villagers.

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll go.”

“You sure?” one of the villagers stared at me.

“Yeah fine! You dirty bastards…” I started to laugh. Gosh, school like I’d do good there! “When do I go?!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Tomorrow morning you’ll get on a boat there.”

“What is it on the mainland?!” I laughed at the thought.

“Yup,” the geezer said. I froze with my eyes growing wide. I shook my head.

“Y-you! You can’t trap me on the mainland!!” I screamed.

I packed my bags and walked around the house one last time. I put on my blue jeans and black tank top. I tied my red shoes and threw on my leather jacket. I’m ready for this...I can do it. I looked at the blurry picture of my father that hung on the wall. I never knew you, but I miss you...

“Are you ready?” the geezer asked. He saw me staring at the picture. “Your dad told me to give this to you...when you were ready.” He gave me a folded paper. I opened it and nearly burst into tears. My mom, my dad, and I. I was a baby still, wrapped in a red blanket and in my mother’s arms. Her eyes were silver just like mine, her hair long and red, like mine. Her smile, like mine. I was a spitting image of her. A single tear slipped out of my eye. The geezer noticed and sat next to me and rubbed my back.

“Why did she…?” I stopped. “Let’s just go...I need to go now.” He nodded and walked me to the docks. I got on the boat and watched the docks as the boat left. The villagers were there. Every single one of them were there watching me leave. I went down to my cabin and sat on the bed. Tears dripped down my cheeks, what if I never see them again? I knew the thought was rash. Of course I’d see them again, but...I froze at the bad feeling I got. There was a sick feeling in my stomach that wasn’t from the boat. I laid down in my bed and closed my eyes waiting for my lunch.

I got off the boat and walked around with my bag. It was a large city on an island. I grabbed a map and looked for the school, Crunch Academy? What kind of name is that? Maybe its that high tech school The Albetrudes own? Or maybe just the Prof. since she owns Crunch Corps. When I found it it was huge and scary looking building that was a modern gothic style building. Looked more like a castle than a school. The grass was dead, the trees were dead, and the sun didn’t shine here. To top it off it was surrounded by a fence that would normally be around a graveyard...except it also looked like it could be around a lower security prison. Then I smiled. There’s gonna be a huge library...and that huge library could help me find him.

I walked inside and stared in amazement. Oh wow! It was beautiful! How huge it was, how high the ceilings were! I remembered The Geezer would talk on and on about buildings and triangles. I followed the old hag’s instructions on enrolling and getting my dorm room before I went to my dorm I toured the school and indeed the library is huge. I’m gonna find my dad, I know it!

The End

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