Crumbling Pillars

Nathan is a wanted man disguising himself as his best friends cousin. The problem is, he never comitted a crime. With parents who disown him and a sister to protect, Nathan runs for his life and hers. All of his fears fade away when he meets the courageous and beautiful Emily Farbranch, who enchants him with her dreams. As the pair fall fast for each other, parts of Nathan's old life threaten his new one. Will their love survive judgment and scorn? And what lengths will Emily Farbranch go to to

The house was deserted on the night that he ran. Nothing stirred as the dark shadow touch the ornaments fondly and for the last time. At the old wooden door he sighed to himself, nobody would have heard him as the latch locked the door behind him as the cold of winter settled on him. It was darker than usual, even the moon hid from him behind the clouds. His mind was on other matters so he hardly noticed when a window above him was yanked open. “Nathan,” the woman’s voice whispered to her sibling, “Nathan, where are you going?” He turned and looked up at his young, naive sister and smiled a sideways smile at her confusion. “I can’t stay Beth, it’s done. I’m a wanted man now.”

“But you never did anything wrong! It was all a misunderstanding. You can’t leave when you never did anything. I don’t blame you-“

“The rest of our family does. I have a temper, you know that, why do I have to explain it to you? They think I’m capable of it, which means I have to leave. I love you.” Beth was about to protest but ran back to a chest beside her bed. Inside were her treasures from her childhood, small dolls and paintings. One object stood out though as it’s dark golden curve poked out from behind a book. “Wait Nathan. Take this with you, I won’t need it anymore. I’ll fight for you, just promise that you’ll come back.”

“I can’t promise that Beth, how will you defend me? You weren’t even there to know what happened. Trust me, it’s safer for everyone if I leave.” He fingered the ring which had landed a few metres from where he had stood. It was cold in his hand, colder than the night air. A shiver trickled down his spine at the thought of what the ring had once represented. “Goodbye.” Beth whispered to the stars above her as her brother and confident walked out of her life, without looking back. Thoughts circled his head, spinning round and round as he pondered what to do. What scared Nathan more than the unknown was what had happened earlier that week, because if it hadn’t been an accident, he would have committed the crime. Minutes later hoof beats thundered across the countryside as a black steed galloped away from its home, its rider wiping their cheeks to hide their tears.

The End

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