Cruel Cocoon

The user girl. Drugs, or using as in taking advantage of people, or both, You decide.


residual jewel,
like clear crystal dew,
reflects she who’ll kill you—
puncture and pool
her venomous emptiness—
an intraveneus seamstress
in the mirror—
a sexual temptress
stepping naked coming nearer;

you can’t hear her

like fear

spreading on your waist
palm down on your chest
with pink painted fingernails;
Your tongues touch numb to taste
and she impales you in a clutch of flesh

fresh gush

both eye lenses cocoon
their stare 
like they’re
moons marooned
on orbital islands
left behind like sterile dunes;

blind darkness consumes
the frosted glare from frigid dust and air

The End

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